Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kansas City Blogging The Singularity

Our favorite faith blogger offers insight into the next gen of consciousness on the planet given that most of us have pretty much given up on this round. Checkit:

Where will artificial intelligence lead us? 8-10-17

A friend from Denver visited my wife and me recently and left with me a copy of the Denver Post that included this Washington Post story about artificial intelligence and some of its pros and cons. Among the questions this...

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Anonymous said...

Yesiree, Bill, and them danged "auty-mobeels" is gonna screw up the Buggy Whip manufacturing business too, jest you wait an' see!

Seriously, what the heck can any of us do about it?

I seriously doubt that one in a thousand of us has enough money to afford political representation, so our fate is entirely in the hands of those sincerely caring and benevolent Mega-Corporations, and the servile hirelings they put in office.

Don't forget that the wisdom of the US Supreme Court has ruled that Corporations are "individuals" when it comes to "rights of free speech" (and that money = speech), but are not individuals when it comes to tax rates.

Keep your faith, Bill - maybe it'll provide you with some comfort in the economic destruction about to be wreaked on our economy. Faith's been consoling victims of immorality for centuries, it has developed wonderful techniques for placating the governed, that's why it's promoted so much by our "Betters" (for us, not them). They will benefit for AI, not us.