Sunday, August 06, 2017

Kansas City Blogging The Big Sleep

Great contemplation on the big picture from Kansas City's top faith writer. Checkit:

10 questions to ask about death: 8-5/6-17

If you've been anything like a regular reader of my words over the last half century you know that I have spent a lot of time writing about death. As I've explained over and over, I believe that you will...


Anonymous said...

Tammeus allowed his blog to be used as a Hate Platform by atheist for years.

And the comments are still available.

I think he got threatened with a case some nut stirred up by the anti theist who liked "Christian brains" actually tried to hurt he shut down comments.

What say you Bill?


Bill does not answer the rif raff.

Anonymous said...

If there is an Afterlife, it seems to me that a lot of folks who think of themselves as religious, as "Good Christians" and as "Upright Churchgoers" are in for a BIG surprise. I don't feel that it was a coincidence that the Gospel Of Matthew became the first chapter of the New Testament, or that it contains the three main instructions on how to get to Heaven, "Do unto others...}, "Judge not lest ye be judged" and "Shun he who cries 'Lord, Lord' in the Marketplace, but get ye to your closet to pray". I often miss that "Old Time Religion", where each of us was too busy begging for the Lord's forgiveness of our own grave sins to be concerned about how anyone else was acting. If music contains any truth, then keep in mind the lyric "One day of prayin' and six nights of fun, odds against gettin' to Heaven are six to one."

Anonymous said...

#11 When I die and realize there are no angels, there is no after life and it has all been another fucking religion dreamed up by man himself who can or family sue to get back all that time wasted abstaining from every fucking fun thing I always wanted to do?

Anonymous said...

9:57 No, because when you die you will not realize ANYTHING if there is no afterlife.

But if there is, you will realize you are in Hell.

Anonymous said...

You know, reading Bill's post, I am wondering if he is not really an atheist but doesn't want to come out with it.

He talks about "faith" but is always attacking it in some form.

Any bloggers out there know him or what he might REALLY think?

Not saying that is the case, but he is at the least very wishy washy.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about death, you don't know until you die if there is a Heaven or Hell. And since everybody dies, best not worry about it.

We create our own personal Heaven and Hell during our lives.

Anonymous said...

Religion is just self serving bullshit conjured up by mankind. No God in his right fucking mind would cook up and perpetuate the bullshit these religious nuts have.