Kansas City August First Friday Early Look

For this Kansas City First Friday we offer tribute to Joey hotness and begin our day with some of the most important local links. Take a look:

Kansas City Artsy @ The End Of The World

As Kansas City Prepares For The Solar Eclipse, Muralists Make More Viewing Opportunities

Jason Harrington, aka muralist Rif Raf Giraffe, thinks that in the near future, Kansas City will be home to perhaps the densest mural park in the nation.

Indoor Soccer Is Still A Thing????

The future of the Kansas City Comets is up in the air

The Kansas City Comets finished last season atop the Major Arena Soccer League's Central Division, boasting a squad that included the indoor-soccer league's Rookie of the Year (Stephen Paterson) and a First-Team All-League Defender (John Sosa). Off the field, though, things haven't been so rosy.

KCPS Comeback Conversation

Public forum held to decide whether to reopen Lincoln Junior High

A final public forum is set to take place to help decide whether Kansas City Public Schools will reopen Lincoln Junior High. The conversation has been taking place since fall of 2015. It was a recommendation from the steering committee to help alleviate the overcrowding of students at Lincoln Prep.

Tiny KC Houses For The Troop

Veteran's Village taking shape in South Kansas City

Kansas City, MO - Construction of a village for homeless veterans took a big step forward during a groundbreaking Thursday morning. Workers began laying water and sewer lines for the village located just off 89th and Troost. Veteran's Community Project CEO Chris Stout, says their goal is to have ten tiny homes occupied by Thanksgiving, and 50 homes once the village is complete.

Home Team Doubles Up On Dongs

Moss makes two visits to #DONGTOWN in Kansas City Royals win

Brandon Moss homered twice for the Kansas City Royals in a Major League Baseball game in the year 2017. (That doesn't register in the normal font. Let's bold it out.) Brandon Moss homered twice for the Kansas City Royals in a Major League Baseball game in the year 2017.

KC Creative Class Eclipse Craft

Hammerpress takes the total eclipse to heart with commemorative designs

For more than a year, Brady Vest has been hearing this: What are your plans for Aug. 21, 2017? That now-soon-to-be-here Monday is getting a lot of love across the U.S. It's going to be the only total solar eclipse exclusive to the country in its history.

McTavish Makes The Weekend

6 Strange Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

Whether you choose to refute it or thrive in it, the world is indeed a strange place. Even relatively common leisure-time activities can't evade the peculiar wonder of it all, as with this weekend's oddly tinged excursions into comedy, theatrics, music and more.

Lorde - Perfect Places is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. The "creatives" making the eclipse art also need to show Nibiru and its star Nemesis which has entered the solar system and will finally be visible once the eclipse occurs. NASA (Never A Straight Answer) and the government can no longer hide that Nibiru is coming.

  2. Go die for your country and come back to your Outhouse but you can shit out 4 fatherless and we will pay all your bills

  3. TOP PHOTO -- Role Playing

    Time To Peel The Banana!!!


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