Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Kander Takes Voter ID Fight To Kobach Turf In Kansas!!!

A bi-state political slapfight continues to heat up betwixt these two local MSM darlings. Checkit:

Kansas, Missouri Voices Clash In Debate Over Voting Rules

The president's advisory commission on election integrity has heightened talk about voting issues and election security. Two of the loudest voices in the discussion come from Kansas and Missouri, and they're clashing over the issue. Former Democratic Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander crossed the border and stopped recently in Douglas County, Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Kander come to Kansas City and look at real voter suppression rules. TDD's that make you get your vote notarized are the worse in the nation.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jerkson Kan'tDo, ya need to flap that trap of yours about Killa City's Democrim hypocrites FUBAR rigging the streetcar votes. All of a sudden valid proof of I. D., current voter registration, proof of address, a notary stamp, and just about everything short of DNA samples with cavity searches is demanded of voters.

Didn't ya already embarrass yourself enough with that goofy gun assembly shtick?!

Anonymous said...

This silly little libtartlet needs to stick to wanking his gun. He has been listening to the grannies of liberalville too much.

Anonymous said...


MO U.S. Senate loser Jason Kander returned to Kansas (his home state) to announce he's bi-!!

Kander stated he could no longer stand by and watch Kris Kobach's awesome body of knowledge go uncontested.

Kander plans to use every opportunity in the looming Governor's race to stick it to Kobach and prod him into unimaginable positions. Asked if he feared Kobach's superior intellect, Kander pointed to his pink shoes where he had written his blood type, and reminded reporters that he was well-versed in handling a man's gun in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Who's paying Kander to plot his Demwit course in KS? Does he have a real job?

Anonymous said...

Kander = Ossoff = Sidie = Hillary = Claire 2018

Anonymous said...

Kander could review why Philip P. Scaglia democrat insider lives in Lees Summit but votes in Kansas City. If he can't maybe we can get Kobach to investigate the Kansas City Election Board.