Sunday, August 20, 2017

JoPo On Breaking Bad Balboni Record

One of the greatest sportswriters to ever pass through Kansas City offers a perspective on a longstanding record and it's eventual demise. Take a look for a nice change of pace:

Bye Bye Balboni

Well, the time is upon us. Kansas City's Mike Moustakas has 35 home runs which means he is on the verge of finally, finally, finally, finally breaking the most absurd record in baseball today. He - God willing - will soon break the Kansas City's home run record of 36 ...


Anonymous said...

In 1958, Bob Cerv hit 38 homers for the Kansas City Athletics, finishing 3rd in AL MVP voting. He hit most of those home runs after a jaw-breaking collision a the plate trying to score in a game in mid-May. Playing with his jaw wired shut and only able to drink his meals through a straw for weeks, he was out of the lineup for just a few days. Sadly, Mr. Cerv died earlier this year, but his grit and determination continue to be an example for anyone, athlete or not.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to add that in 1958, the dimensions of old Municipal Stadium were even more spacious than Kauffman ever was.