Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jackson County Jail Crisis: No Solutions

Important coverage from news radio reveals that the Exec and Legislature aren't coming up with anything new in the midst of a human rights crisis. Checkit:

Jackson County Jail in crisis: Plenty of discussion with no new ideas

No major changes were proposed as Jackson County's troubled detention center took center stage at Monday's meeting of the county legislature. A consultant in July said the jail was in crisis mode because of overcrowding, understaffing and corruption.


Anonymous said...

Big shock that the county executive who was a baseball player has no idea how to run a jail. Exactly how did playing for the Royals qualify Frank White for his new job. Listening to him talk about how there is no crisis in the jail, despite what the experts think, is kind of like Trump saying he knows more about ISIS than the generals.

Anonymous said...

I thought their big solution yesterday was home detention, what a effing joke.

Anonymous said...

Start getting the money to raise guard pay by cutting the executive's staff. What a joke with all the administrators, deputy administrators, directors, assistant directors. Then Frank White might have to actually do some work.

Anonymous said...

No solution? Like Frank's resignation?

Anonymous said...


Progressive Commie Liberals never have any actual real Solutions to solve any actual problems !!!

Only solution they ever come up with is :

MORE TAXES from YOU the citizens & Public !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jackson County has a $300 million annual budget and they can't spend any more on the jail? Where does all that money go?