Saturday, August 12, 2017

Jackson County Jail Crisis Continues . . .

More deets on the ongoing court fighting and political fallout as meetings are slated to continue on Monday. Checkit:

Inmates ask judge to grant immediate relief inside Jackson Co. jail

Inmates are asking a judge to step in and grant immediate relief inside the Jackson County Detention Center.


Anonymous said...

No. No. No. There's no crisis in the Jackson County Jail.

Just ask Frank White.

Anonymous said...

What gets me is how fucking cynical Frank White, supposedly Mr. Upbeat, has been about this whole giant mess. He knows these are "inmates," so no one will give a shit. So he denies there's a crisis. He doesn't attend a meeting about the crisis because, as he'll tell you, there is no crisis. "Stuff happens in a jail."

He thinks this is only a problem because people are finding out about it. It's just a PR crisis to him and his disgusting cast of self-serving advisors.

Anonymous said...

NO - I say leave it like it is please !!!

WHY ?????

To make city council and Mayor Sly James and Frank White have to hold their meetings in there and operate in there, be the perfect place for all those Degenerate pathetic scumbag liberal commie's !!!

Anonymous said...

solution: build a new airport.

Anonymous said...

if you're from kansas but get arrested in kansas city, missouri, can you request a kansas jail?