Jackson County Jail Crackdown: Public Defender And Inmate Charged For Contraband

One tiny step toward cleaning up one of the worst jails in the nation. Take a look:

Contraband investigation at jail leads to charges against inmate, attorney

An investigation into contraband at the Jackson County jail has led to charges against an inmate and his attorney. Ce-Antonyo D. Kennedy, 19, is charged with possessing a cellphone and charger and two misdemeanor counts of delivering or concealing prohibited articles.


  1. Its someone else's fault! Anyone and everyone's but not Franks! Frank is just an ambassador! Ask his handler!

  2. I would hope she loses her law license and goes to prison. How about a picture of her?

  3. May be this is what Frank was up to yesterday afternoon, cracking the case, instead of attending the meeting about the cluster fuck crisis at the jail.

  4. Wrong. Frank was actually out golfing.

  5. Ce-Antonyo convicted in April?
    Should be leased out on a labor gang.

  6. TKC, we need all the info on this lawyer. Complete bio and pictures.

  7. Jail the Lawyer! How dare she cut in on the Jail Guards smuggling racket?


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