Tuesday, August 08, 2017

It's Kansas City 'Best Of' Season Already?!?

The annual tradition of thanking advertisers . . . Here's biz mag tribute that might be worth a peek:

Best of Business 2017 - All That Glitters

By Kaleigh Frigon and Madison Parry When you stop to think about it, an awful lot of companies and organizations have been recognized as the best at what they do since Ingram's first began asking readers for their thoughts-and votes-to determine this city's best of everything, way back in 1986.


Anonymous said...

Awwwww look at that picture.

All successful.

All prosperous.

All white.

Not acting like feral animals, shooting people over shoes, dealing drugs, etc. (Translation = not black)

Get it?

Anonymous said...

^^^Why comment? Is your life such a failure you literally have nothing better to do? Judging from your post, I can tell you are broke, old and alone. God get a hobby, find something better to do. Get a damn life loser!

Granger said...

^^^ OUCH. that's actually a very devastating rebuttal.

Not kidding. that's smarts.

Anonymous said...

Love the Awards Season. OK, you pat me on the back and congratulate my accomplishments. Now I will pay you on the back and also congratulate you. Oh, and keep track of who wins these awards every year. Wouldn't want someone to win twice in a decade.