Thursday, August 03, 2017

Inside Metcalf South Dead Mall Demolition

For the Kansas City late night and so many of our shift worker denizens who toil valiantly amid the decline of American industry amid growing division betwixt rich and poor . . . An impressive clip of a local landmark nearly demolished on its grand opening anniversary . . .

"The demolition of Metcalf South Mall continues, and Thursday marks the shopping center's 50th anniversary. A popular online source gets the last look inside the old mall, which stood for five decades at 95th and Metcalf Ave.

"Metcalf South Mall has been a fixture in Johnson County since LBJ was in the White House. Famed photographer Seph Lawless, notable for his series on abandoned American shopping malls, was the final photographer inside the old mall, snapping video and a series of photos in April, just before the deconstruction began. As of Thursday, the Sears store at the mall's south end is all that remains intact. The rest is surrounded by fences, having been gutted by demolition equipment."

BLACK FRIDAY: Dead Mall Docu-Series Presents METCALF SOUTH MALL in Overland Park, Kansas now eerily abandoned 50 years after it's grand opening.


Developing . . .


Anonymous said...


But that Mall has been resold a few time to different Investors who are outta town Investors, and all they did was raise rent / leases thru the years.

That and let deadbeat "non revenue" shops open up inside the mall.

too many Junky cheap clothing stores with shabby clothing open up at the mall.

Same thing with Olathes MALL of America which is now in demolition mode.

as well as the old Blue Ridge Mall

and the old Bannister Mall, tho it was ridden with Crime Problems for years.

As well as the old 1970's / 1980's Indian Springs Mall in KCK, at I-635 & State Avenue, same shit.

The Landing Mall same thing.

1st they build them, make all kinds of promises, then few years down the road their selling them while their still good & profitable, then the new owners run it into the ground and again sell it to yet another buyer, and it all goes to shit from there.

That's what happened to the old MISSION MALL in Mission, too much badd management from outside investors who just didn't really give a shit.

Look at all the former closed down WAL-MART stores that got turned into Pet centers or some goofy ass work out gym's.

Now, theres newer WAL MART stores that are closed down all over the country as well as K-Marts.

They all over built way to much in the 1990's era with BORROWED money from Banks and hyped up Sales pitches to city councils to get their TAX Cuts , which end up on the backs of the Tax Payers eventually in some form or another later on.

Retail Industry has been heading for a Big MELT DOWN for quite sometime anyway, surprised it didn't happen in the beginning of the 2000's right after the 911 attacks.

It Kinda did, just wasn't all that noticeable at the time, but the MELTDOWN is on its way, and long over due really.

Remember tho, Degenerate Commie LIB'TARD AL GORE said in 1993, during the Al Gore Ross Perot DEBATE,, that Americans DON'T need manufacturing jobs to survive, RETAIL is the answer, according to AL GORE's mentality,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

We all now know AL GORE was Full of Shit, those of us who have watched the Decline of the American Workers thru the years, because of AL GORES & Clintons push for NAFTA & GATT at the time back then in the 1990's era, see where that got everybody in the end.

The Famous 1993 AL GORE / ROSS PEROT Debate :

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!

Super Dave said...

Crazy Clown, Olathes MALL of America has been gone for almost a year now.

Soon they will all be gone and the real reason for a lot of it from my own personal experience is I have to go to Amazon to find what I want without driving all over the place because retail places will tell you they have the comb that Jesus used on his hair if they think it will get you inside of the store.

I as well don't have to deal with store employees who are not trained for the job they are doing and can't tell me a thing about the product they have on the shelf that I might be interested in.

At least with Amazon I can read details on things I might want along with reviews from other buyers. I save gas and time along with selections most retailers won't offer.

Retailers as a whole have shot themselves in the foot by trying to get you to buy what they think you want instead of having what you want.

Anonymous said...

Just used my no tax day on Amazon. No lines, no full of shit salesmen, no employees running away from customers, no lines at the checkouts, no pan-handlers in the parking lot, no boons, free returns, free shipping, free extended warranty, no fucking yard apes snooping though my shopping car, blocking the isles or spilling Slurpee on the floor, no driving miles just to find out half the shit in the published advertisement was never in the store to begin with. I'm sure the world is going to miss all that shit.

Anonymous said...

The old Metro North Mall at 169 and Barry is still partly there. They started demolition early this year and then STOPPED cold. It looks like a bombed-out building on the east side, with no indication that the "owners" will continue their grand plans for a new shopping area. The rest of the area is being used a parking lot for Ford vehicles. I'm thinking they ran out of TIF money and just walked away. Sad.