Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Hyde Park Endures Another Attack

Repeated violence for this long-suffering Midtown Kansas City neighborhood . . .

Hyde Park residents wake up to find car windows smashed

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Dozens of residents in the Hyde Park area are angry after waking up to find their car windows were smashed overnight. It appears that golf balls are what caused the damage after a number were found inside or near cars.


Anonymous said...

My old stomping grounds are getting dangerous. This wouldn't of happened if I were still around.

The Ghost of Bob Berdella

Anonymous said...

Fore, watch where you park your cars in Hyde Park, it may be in the middle of an urban fairway.

What goes around comes around, Hyde Park deserves this, some residents there are just nasty.

Anonymous said...

Appears some of those in that area of Hyde Park need to grow a set of frickin' balls, and quit dependin' on the cops to be your fuckin' baby sitters !!!

Theres a way to handle things and send a clear message to those Degenerate Thugs !!!

1st ya' catch 1 ofem', crack their heads wide open, and then ya shove a Garden Rake up their Ass , and leave them laying in the middle of the street,,,,

they'll find the cockroach

word will get out, do that enough times ,,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Paid snipers. The only fix.

Anonymous said...

One neighborhood idiot tried to tell the reporter to kill the story ,and urged everyone to " pretty please don't speak to the media " "We don't want to hurt our home sales
SERIOUSLY! You can't make this crappola up.Gotta luv South Hyde Park...instead of alerting residents about crime , let's focus on our 25 ,000 dollar Butterfly Labrynth !!!! Only in Hyde Park do you find these MANCHILDS

Anonymous said...

Charles Bronson

Anonymous said...

Need open carry foot patrols 4-6 people 24/7

Anonymous said...

I agree, but most people living there are pussies or flaming faggots incapable of self defence.

Anonymous said...

Do you live in Hyde Park ?

Anonymous said...


The Residents of Hyde Park need some good ol' fashioned education, evidently !!

I Highly suggest all of them watch the following :

A Bronx Tale



Donnie Brasco

Theres enough right there to EDUCATE ya' on how to properly clean up your frickin' neighborhood !

Know why Shit like that don't happen in my neighborhood ?????

Because I'm fuckin here in my neighborhood, that's why, and the Degenerate low life Cockroach thugs know better and what'll happen to them if they come fuckin' around here where they shouldn't !!!

Those in my Neighborhood know me and know my past going as far back as out west during my Vegas days

they know I don't Fuck around and I mean business and words out not to come around here lookin for trouble !!

I love the Depths of the Atlantic Ocean,, its a good place to stuff Degenerate Trash !!

Anonymous said...

There are very few gays in Hyde Park, but on every block there is a multitude of trendy metro- ish stay at home house husbands whose wives are the bread winner.
One house husbands is handwringing who runs a nonprofit says that NO ONE should talk to the media ,they don't want prospective homebuyers to get the impression that 3 area assaults , 2 car hacking , motorcycle thefts , scooter thefts, prostitution, a recent rape ,and a multitude of teen crime means this area has more than it's share of crime.
I'm positive that the women have more balls than these MAN TWATS , and the women will step up , not their husbands.