Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Historic Tax Credits Awarded For Kemper Arena Youth Sports Renovation Scheme

So many Kansas City politicos STILL mistakenly believe that pick-up b-ball games will fund the old school venue:

Score! Kemper Arena repurposing wins historic tax credits - Kansas City Business Journal

Foutch Brothers LLC received word Monday that the nearly $9 million in historic tax credits it expected to receive from Missouri for the repurposing of Kemper Arena have been approved.


Joseph Turner said...

I do understand that Kemper is "functionally obsolete" now that we have Sprint Center. But I hate to see it go; lots of memories of going to Blades hockey games. And I am still more of a fan of the old types of scoreboards with the segmented digits versus the all LED-screen type like they have today.

Joseph Turner said...

And I do realize that it's not in the city's best interests to continue to pump money into it.
I'd be happy if we could have a series of events as a "farewell tour"; some hockey and basketball games for a finale, then close it down.

Anonymous said...

Another yard ape KC project designed to bend over the tax payers again.

Anonymous said...

"Kemper Arena will remain a viable venue after the Sprint Center is built". Just another lie from our civic leaders.