Saturday, August 12, 2017

Golden Ghetto Shawnee Blogger Jay Senter Invented The Paywall???

Suggested link by one of the best and brightest of our blog community . . . Credit where it's due, we admire the hustle of Jay as he counts writing about Facebook beef as "civics" . . . Here's a look at life his paywall gambit that seems to be working out well for this country club humble-brag blog. Checkit:

The Shawnee Mission Post sees success in a new formula: Paywall. More civics. Fewer restaurants.

When Jay Senter decided to pull the trigger on launching a paywall for his local news site the Shawnee Mission Post in northeast Kansas, to say that he was nervous about readers' reaction is an understatement. "We had huge pits in our stomach.


The Truth of the Matter said...

What really does the SMP offer? Nothing, if you really look at it. Senter's friends hawk their realtor thoughts some doctor or another offers same ole paste and copy stuff you see all over Facebook for free every day. If you want to see snowflake coverage of news then the SMP is just for you. The truth isn't the important part of it imposing their views upon you is. I see Senter floods Facebook with his stories you can't read that tells you to pay up which makes me wonder if he is selling his wares on Facebook shouldn't that be construed as a commercial acct on it that he should by all rights be paying for it. Maybe I need to bring that to tyhe attention of Facebook.Lets see wow a 1000 people are coughing up a whooping 5.95 a month to read the same things they can see everywhere for free. But wait we have a family of I think five and then the Bloom tribe and who knows who else that all have to share this so called app 75k a year in revenue which so far hasn't been proven by anyone. But out of that money the site Pigeon Paywall I'm gets their cut so in the end 75k divided up comes up to a whole lot of nothing for everyone. Guys cutting lawns make more money than that per year.

No wonder Senter is probably for a minimum wage hike he wants a raise.

JoCoPost said...

Now if they would only cover the news in depth, and not dance around the issues for fear of alienating the school board or local mayors and commissioners. Lead.

Point in fact: Senter got credit for co-authoring a long piece in the now-monthly, about the huge issues with the SMSD. Yet he failed to mention his own KORA open records act scandal. Or the Deb Zila affair, (double entendre) where the now-resigned superintendent hired Zila's daughter, Mallory (no experience) and her company, C-BIZ, to manage the benefits contract for the district. Without any disclosure, and no abstention of approving the contract, behind closed doors, by Ms. Zila.

This would be like a reporter in the parking lot at the Watergate--refusing to write the story of Deep Throat.

If you're gonna play newsman, write the news.

Super Dave said...

^^^^^^^Very well said Tracy