Fear Kansas City Highway Gunfire

More bullets flying confront local drivers from all walks of life and throughout the metro:

Random shootings on I-435 rattle drivers, leave police with difficult investigation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two random shootings on Interstate 435 in just two days have many in the metro worried. "We were driving along, coming home, and I heard a pop, and I felt my car move," said 57-year-old Janet Harms. Harms was driving west on I-435 between Wornall and Holmes with her husband in the passenger seat, and her mother in the backseat last Thursday around 7:30 pm.


  1. The Truth of the Matter8/21/17, 11:00 PM

    Janet harms is far from squeaky clean her self. I know this lady and she was busted for embezzlement of funds by Farmers Insurance. Lost her insurance agents license 2011.

    Read it all for yourself

  2. ^Statues are out and about in Killa City shooting up the place!

    Hurry, get them outta here!

  3. Threeper's are itching for some more combat duty. Not much going on since Bundy Ranch or Park Ocupation this weekend. As soon as they soak the corns on their feet we'll get them on the case.

  4. 12:55, And, Crimmies are inching toward that century mark for Killa City's dead. Plenty going on since corpses found in cars, lying in streets, and bleeding out on restaurant patios. As soon as they suck down some more purple drank, we'll be get back to the 'Killa' countdown!!


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