Faith Blogging Kansas City Eclipse 2017

From the foremost faith writer in the metro . . . An interpretation of yesterday's anti-climax and MSM bust:

What the two solar eclipses told us: 8-22-17

The first solar eclipse yesterday where we live in Kansas City was loud and wet (as this photo of our driveway shows). A storm cell moved through soon after 9 yesterday morning, blotting out the sun. And the moon wasn't...


  1. So there is Bill, living in all white neighborhoods in Kansas, telling us all how wonderful diversity and multiculturalism is. Not to mention, encouraging the importation of Muslims into anywhere but where he lives.

    What a phony piece of shit.

  2. ^^^Says another phony piece of shit.

  3. ^^^ Still waiting on your Soros check to come in? Go paint another sign.

  4. Tammeus gave a platform, for years, to atheists who made vicious smears against Christian groups.

    The he shut down comments.

    Cuz he was told he could be sued if the creep who kept talking about eating Christian brains and cutting throats actually DID something.

    Don't worry, we have saved all the comments if he attempts to delete em.

  5. ^^^So What? Who cares? You mention this every damn time he posts something? Big News here: NOBODY CARES!!! Are you jealous of him? Seems like it. Maybe go do something with your own wreck of a life. Bill is doing something with his. Damn you're a moron. One more time because you are slow & stupid. NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hey 10:21, you don't like the idea that 8:41 is pointing out what a double dealer he is?

    Guess what? Tough cookies!

    And if you are screaming "nobody cares" in all caps it looks like somebody does care...YOU!

    Nice try, Bill.

  7. Well, apparently some of the commenters care and have called out that phony Catholic Basher who does not realize he talks like a bigot while he kisses Muslims assess.

  8. I hope 8:41 posts this every time there is a post bout Tammeus.

    If he doesn't, I will! Bahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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