Friday, August 11, 2017

Facebook Slap Fight: Joco Congressman Yoder Vs. Indivisible KC Activists!?!?!

Bi-state chatter on social media via our favorite country club blogger. Take a look:

Post on Yoder's Facebook page about meeting with local activist groups draws clarification from Indivisible KC

A post on Rep. Kevin Yoder's Facebook page earlier this week elicited some pushback from leaders of Indivisible KC, the group that has in recent months been pushing for Yoder to hold an in-person townhall among other issues. On Tuesday, Yoder's Facebook page featured an image of the Congressman sitting in his Overland Park office ...


Anonymous said...

yoder is a lifer but it's nice to see that he's trying to relate to his constituents.

Anonymous said...

Sidie 2018, 2020, 2022.......!

Anonymous said...

Go away! Batin'!

GubmentCheese said...

In other words, Indivisible KC leaders were invited, but chose not to attend in order to keep their "Yoder won't meet with us" narrative.

Tracy Thomas said...

Exactly, 12:19!!!

IndivisibleKC is a Bernie Sanders marshmallow roast of old hippies. Their motto of entitlement and handouts is "It's never enough."

They are malcontents, quick to tell you who they are against, but have no solutions that I can see. Or candidates!

Do you know how hard it is to get anyone decent to run for office, and then to serve? They sure don't. Congress is a dreadful place to serve. Someone has to do it, and Kevin Yoder does it well. On the House Appropriations Committee.

Running for election or re-election takes money. That gets raised 12 to 15 hours a week, locked in a phone booth, dialing for dollars. Because real citizens are busy and broke, and they don't write checks. And most don't bother to vote. They are unfamiliar with the issues--and where might they learn more? Surely not the KCSTAR, or the ShawneeMissionPost that costs $96 a year just to read, so only 1000+ subscribers can read more than the seven line intro.

IndivisibleKC members are all disgruntled Democrats or Independents.
They would be better served to concentrate on other races that might be winnable (defeating Yoder is not!) --like Colyer v Kobach for Ks governor. Races that affect their lives daily. But that would require them to register as Republicans, because in Johnson County and across Kansas, a RED state, all the action and all the decisions and all the races are decided in the PRIMARY, which does not allow 'independents" to VOTE!

Their pride and stubbornness keeps them from playing politics to win.

So game away, Indies. Refuse to contact Yoder, then call nannynannybooboo on him. You're in third grade. Don't get hit by the teeter totter.

Anonymous said...

Fear not, Yoder will cleanse himself in the waters of Galilee. He will wash away your sins.