Expect EPIC Kansas City Pain At The Pump Amid Hurricane Harvey Disaster

BLAME global climate change or Pres Trump . . . Either way the oil companies are going to get their share out of local pockets thanks to disaster porn media obession. Checkit:

Gas prices could rise by $1 per gallon or more in the wake of Harvey

However, the epic flooding in the region is atypical, and the delay in repopulating the facilities with personnel could inhibit the return to service of the affected refineries for weeks to come. Crude-oil prices are already down significantly on the sudden loss in demand from the region's refiners, and the price of gasoline is rising steadily.


  1. I'm betting on 25 cents max.

  2. Traders are popping champagne corks.

  3. 6:29 its almost gone up that or more on the Kansas side.

  4. Byron Funkhouser8/28/17, 11:51 PM

    Guess where all the refineries are.

    Good thing I can't see well enough to drive.

    Of course, walking is why I've never gotten fat.

    But, seriously folks, you may completely run out.

  5. Gas will go up and yes major refineries in Houston area. A dollar a gallon maybe more. Just because we aren't anywhere the hurricane hit doesn't mean we won't be getting any repercussions from it.

    I just bought an SUV oh well I guess I won't drive it around as much.

  6. Where is Obama? We need more solar powered cars.


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