Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Did Former Guv Brownback Pull Kansas Up By The Bootstraps?!?!

Alternative perspective here that's possibly a testament to the triumph of the human spirit OR maybe just a numbers game akin to the state-run lottery. Will worth consideration: "New data show(s) that when families left welfare, they didn’t end up permanently mired in extreme poverty — in fact, they made more money afterward than they had before . . ." Read more:

Life After Welfare in Kansas

The Foundation for Government Accountability (whose staff contribute to NRO on occasion) has an interesting new report on what happened to the families Kansas removed from the welfare rolls via stronger work requirements. Able-bodied-adult enrollment in the state's cash-welfare program plunged 78 percent between 2011 and this year, compared with just 14 percent nationally.


Anonymous said...

Brownie is a Catholic member of an organization called Opus Dei.

Why isn't Bill Tammeus the Catholic basher speaking out?

Anonymous said...

All Browndick did is got people into poverty jobs with less benefits like health care than they had before the job placement. The rest they went homeless.

Anonymous said...

Good! Sink or swim is an excellent policy for folks who think they can spend their lives screwing the pooch on the tax payer nickel.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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