Monday, August 07, 2017

Dead-Tree Media Bones Uncovered

Somebody might have found the legacy of the non-partisan, thought provoking op/ed column that doesn't rely on consultant talking points. Take a look:

Construction co. discovers bones "many, many, many years old" while digging near KC Star building

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City, Mo. police are waiting for the medical examiner after bones were discovered at a construction site Monday. Police say a construction company was digging in the area of 18th and McGee, between Christopher Elbow Chocolates and the Kansas City Star Building, when they discovered the bones.


Anonymous said...

Bones "many, many years old", buried near the KC Star building? Must be the bones of the last KC Star journalist that reported objectively.

Anonymous said...

The bones are what's left of the last actual journalist that the Star employed many many years ago.
See if it can still hold a pencil.
And, actually, he's in better shape than the paper!

Anonymous said...

So check police records for people that went missing and never found at the time.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry it's just an old Indian cemetery, carry on, this is sLIE's town and he don't care what It is because nothing is more important than him building his town that he doesn't own anything in