Thursday, August 31, 2017

Consequences Of Kansas City Gentrification

We linked this NPR story earlier in the week but it's worth a look for those who didn't see it first time around as KCUR recycles the content that offers a look at how condo, lofts and development obsessed politicos kill neighborhoods. Checkit:

As Kansas City Booms And Sprawls, Trying Not To Forget Those In Between

This summer, NPR reporters are returning to their hometowns to see how they've changed. Sarah McCammon grew up in Kansas City - on the Missouri side of the state line. Like a lot of places, Kansas City is experiencing a couple of major trends - suburban sprawl and, more recently, a downtown revitalization.


Anonymous said...

The only change is its 50 times the mess it was when they left. If your a mindless consumer with a one second attention span you may not notice that.

Anonymous said...

KCUR? Oh Gawd!

Anonymous said...

JACO and city hall is just chomping at the bit to start raising property taxes in the west bottoms. That'll teach these young'ins to improve a depressed area.

Anonymous said...

As working families move out of old neighborhoods, poor and fractured households move in, with the City's blessing. More and more houses are designated Section 8, and many are occupied by people with substance abuse issues. Not all, but the majority of the neighborhoods in the older ring suburbs are going downhill very fast. As the homeowners leave, the decay sets in. The City doesn't care.