Congressman Cleaver Talks Student Loan Debt Crisis In Kansas City

Lots of good info about this topic and the Congressman's talk . . . About 44 million Americans owe $1.4 trillion for student loans. And debt forgiveness or alternative way to work off the payments might be an idea that speaks to his constituents across his district. Checkit:

Alarming rate of student debt grabbing the attention of a local congressman

The average student debt in Missouri is $16,000.


  1. Last I knew nobody is forced to borrow this money. Those that I have known of who did paid off what they borrowed.

    So what is the issue here? My education wasn't cheap either but I managed to pay for it while working a full time job.

  2. Accountability.

  3. The cost of college has increased more than 100% over the past 30 years and there are fewer options for loans. 30 or 40 years ago you could pay for college tuition by working a job over the summer. Now the average college tuition cost is $30,000 yearly. Working fast food isn't going cut it, students and families are forced to borrow or doom their children to lower wage jobs for the rest of their lives.

  4. Boomers are selfish.

  5. 6:46, 30 years ago cars and homes were 100% cheaper and more than they are now so your rant carries no weight.

    My first house cost me 32K in 1972 that same house now is selling for 120K plus. In 1972 you could buy a new Cadillac Eldorado for about 10K.

    What hasn't gone up in price?

    Also back in 1972 a decent wage was about 7K a year.

    Minimum wage was 1.60 per hour so anyone making more than 2 bucks an hour thought they were making good money.

    So in the end was just as hard to get an education in the 70's as it is today. People just worked harder two jobs and what not to make it happen.

  6. Tuition has gone up much faster than inflation. But the primary reason tuition went up is a combination of tax credits and the availability of student loans. Colleges are big business and big business will always charge as much as they can. So the very things that were to make college affordable ended up making things worse.

  7. If you can not afford your tuition then don't run up the bill. No one is owed a free ticket. I do understand it is boons law that everything is free, but in the real world there is a piper that gets paid. If you can not plan, your parents can not help, then you better settle for going to school part time and work a job to pay your bills.

    No one gave me a free degree. I had to work my ass off 65 hours a week and for a few years I didn't know what damn day it was, sometimes going on three hours sleep. People achieve things because they rise above the norm - Not because they were nannied. Pay for your schooling or stay right where you are. Better yet, join the military and get the G.I. Bill in exchange for actually doing something. Come back in ten years and tell me how you got screwed because you were too damn dumb to figure out how to make it work.

  8. 9:32^^ Nuttin but da troof -- and da hole danged troof! Ya bettuh buhleeb dat, y'all!

  9. The free shirt army will soon be the majority and the country will be lost to a dictatorship. History repeats it self.......

  10. 7:35 nailed it. These "non-profit" colleges are rolling in money, because any student with a pulse can get a student loan.

    Many of these students lack the intelligence and/or self-discipline to succeed in STEM, so they major in "academic" areas that have zero marketability in the workplace.

    So they graduate with a degree in "____ - studies", work at a low paying job with little advancement opportunities, and ask for Congressman Carwash to bail them out.

  11. A passing grade of an entrance exam should be required to attend d a college not a loan acceptance.


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