Friday, August 04, 2017

Coming Soon: Kander Headlines Northland Progress Voter Registration Celebration

Reader suggestions and something akin to a homecoming for Kansas City's favorite politico.

Take a look:

“In for 10” is the first step in a major voter registration effort by Northland Progress. Being “in for 10” refers to a pledge to register or update registration for ten Missouri voters.

At Northland Progress, we believe the right to vote is a cornerstone of American democracy. Without a high level of voter participation, our government cannot truly reflect the values held by all Missourians. Unfortunately, from 2008 to 2016, Missouri saw the voting turnout fall from 68.2% to 62.3%. As of June 1, 2017, a new law requiring a government-issued photo ID to vote threatens to disenfranchise more voters (minorities, the elderly, and poverty-stricken Missourians are less likely to have a photo ID). Other vote suppression efforts are underway at both the state and federal level under the guise of protecting elections from supposed voter fraud.

That’s why on August 26, we are hosting the “In for 10” Voting Rights Festival – to register voters, educate people about the new voter ID law, and ask volunteers to join us in our effort to register or update registration for thousands of Missourians. Northland Progress will organize teams for registration outings to make volunteering easy and maximize our effect.

More deets at their FB page.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

The Jason Kander band needs a new frontman. They suck ass.

Anonymous said...

What about Phillip P Scaglia democrat insider who lives in Lees Summit and votes in Kansas City. Is Kander going to do anything about this or are we going to need Kobach to look into this?

Anonymous said...

Another libtard attempt to scrape the scum off the streets and haul them to the polls to vote Democrat.

Anonymous said...

How Jason Pander can continue to make believe he's concerned about voter suppression and then pay no attention to the under-handed fiasco involved in people trying to vote on the streetcar extension is an exercise in hypocrisy at a level that's embarrassing, even for an amateur self-serving politician.
He should probably stay in Hollywood, New York, Washington, cable television, and on social media.
His schtick is turning off a lot of folks around here.

Anonymous said...

HAS-BEEN KANDER will next be appearing at county fairs across the Midwest to judge livestock!

He'll stick his head up a sheep's ass and declare:

"It's always been ewe baby!"

He'll throw out anecdotes like:

"When I was chasing Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, I use to have a pet goat just like this. I love that goat!"

Anonymous said...

8:46 is saying what VERY MANY are thinking. If local newsies do their jobs right and call out his crap, THAT will be reason to party.

Anonymous said...

Claire 2018!

Anonymous said...

Register an illegal and get a knobjob from his TED talk author!