Tuesday, August 15, 2017


A "moratorium" on development was defeated today as developers prepare to destroy what everyone loves about Kansas City's oldest party district. Take a look:

High tensions run high at meeting for future plans in Westport



Anonymous said...

The truth is they can't get rid of the trouble making murderous boons any other way. I say let them do it

Anonymous said...

Destroy it to save it

Anonymous said...

Demolition of the worthless piece of shit rat infested old buildings & put up metrosexual TRANNY apartment buildings that will attract lots of money spending panzies ! There will be no crime and murders will drop to zero !

Anonymous said...

It was a fun place in the 1970's and 1980's and 1990's era

Then came the YOUNG Degenerate pathetic Violent Racist Communist Liberal Radicals who've Destroyed everything they lay their pathetic hands on or come near !

Remembering back to the following.

Indian Springs Shopping Mall KCK = GONE
Bannister Mall KCMO = GONE
Blueridge Mall Indep. = GONE
The Landing shooping Mall = mize well be Gone !
Sprint Center KCMO Defunct & struggling !
Antioch Mall = GONE

Soon the following will be GONE :
Country Club Plaza
Westport Entertainment District
All Movie Theaters
World of Fun
The KC Zoo

Pathetic Disgusting YOUNG Generation of Millennial's who are running around doing nothing but causing CRIME, Hate and Despair, while catering & pandering to "Radical COMMUNIST Marxist Ideology" and their pathetic twisted agenda's !!!

Anonymous said...

The city council was against the crossroads going back to at least Kay Waldo's day and look how that is doing today, so maybe they should do what's best for them because obviously the idiots at city hall don't know something good if it jumped up and bit them in their tranny dicks!

Anonymous said...

Lets move 18th and Vine and Science City to Westport. The the boons and their bastard kids wont have to take the bus after they finish taking over Westport.

Anonymous said...

Westport already is a slum. Get over it. Because it's gone.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Westport only had a "Thing" going in the late 60s,with the Silver Cricket, Temple Slug, Fine Arts Theatre, Corner Café (the REAL one) and Kelly's!

Then by 1970 the KU Frat Drunks and their SoreWhority Punchboards moved in and flushed a "good vibe" right down the crapper!

Let it rot, "It" ain't been there for fifty years!