Thursday, August 03, 2017

City Hall Announces Study Of High Water Bills Drowning Kansas City Residents

The myth that low cost of living will bring millennials to this cowtown is quickly sinking. Checkit:

Kansas City hopes to deal with rising water bills

As more and more people in Kansas City are dealing with soaring water bills, the city is looking at ways to slow the increase of water rates. On Wednesday, a city committee heard the recommendations of the Kansas City Water Cost of Service Task Force, put together to study the problem.


Anonymous said...

Study my ass they need to have an audit of the water department

Anonymous said...

I think I got this now. The task force makes recommendations to the committee. The committee mulls it over for several months and sends their recommendations to the panel. The panel pores over the issue for a year or so and then implements a viability study to be done by Burns & Mac at a cost of $$$$$$$$$$$$. Another year goes by and the study is sent to Polsenelli to clarify legal issues at a cost of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Finally the clarified study is sent to another task force for recommendations and we start over again.

Anonymous said...

I remember getting a flyer once a week with Mayor Bullhorn's face on it telling the people to vote for the water upgrade with no explanation other than he was voting for it (imagine that) and the idiots of Kansas City voted for it. So to those who voted for it SUCK IT UP.

Anonymous said...

Seems like an audit would get to the root of the problem. I guess that is why King Sly doesn't want one.

Anonymous said...

It's not the water rates that is the problem. It's the sewer and runoff charges that have run amok. With no real rhyme or reason to the calculation of these charges - bills are more than 6 times what they should be. And why isn't there a cap on the sewer and runoff charges? There should be a per structure fee maximum. Some people are paying well over 6-10 thousand dollars for these fees. What does it cost to replace a sewer line to one home. The fees assessed on the water bill should not exceed that. Once the homeowner has reached that amount in fees, the cost should be drastically decreased AND they should have their sewer lines promptly upgraded. But this is all too much like right and it's Kansas Shitty.

Anonymous said...

Typical how Degenerate Liberals operate at KCMO City Hall

Now what the Fuck do they need a TASK FORCE to study ??????

Shit, just go out and Actually talk to the residents themselves, theres your TASK FORCE, its already made up of wise educated citizens who can give you the answers you need !!!

Don't need no damn task force !!

Do you idiots at City Hall put together a Task Force, everytime you need to WIPE YOUR ASS too ??????????

Geshhhhhh !!!!