Sunday, August 13, 2017

Chiefs Talk Charlottesville Hate And The Kansas City Sunday Links

Just a quick look at some of the local conversation and news links for Sunday afternoon . . .

Losing Home Team Perspective
Chiefs player addresses violence in Charlottesville

Meet The News Number 2

Reid: Patrick Mahomes moved to back-up quarterback

After one pre-season game - Kansas City Chiefs Rookie Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is getting a promotion. Head Coach Andy Reid announced Sunday that Mahomes would be shifting into the back-up quarterback slot. In the pre-season game against San Francisco, Mahomes completed 7 passes in 9 attempts.

Help Find This Kansas City Dude

Police asking for help to find man with dementia after he wandered away from home Saturday

Police asking for help to find man with dementia after he wandered away from home Saturday Charles W. Johnson, 78, has dementia and a pacemaker. He left home Saturday without his cell phone or wallet. The Kansas City Police Department is asking for help to find a man with dementia who wandered away from home Saturday.

Another End Of The World Guide

Where To Get The Best View Of The Solar Eclipse In Kansas City

The good people at NASA, regular ole space nerds, and Americans of all stripes are looking forward to experiencing what to many could be a once-in-a-lifetime event. And in the coming days, many will be gearing up for the hotly anticipated solar eclip...

Meth Town Gunfight Party

Shooting at party injures 2 in Independence

Independence police are investigating after two people were shot overnight.

What To Expect This Season

Kansas City Chiefs: 5 things we learned in the preseason opener

We have officially kicked off the preseason for the Kansas City Chiefs. Though they lost their preseason opener to the San Francisco 49ers, there was still quite a bit to be happy with in the Chiefs first action of the year. Most importantly, we learned some things about what this team will look like in 2017.

Baseball Series Win For August

Royals love guaranteed rates, dominate 14-6

The big question coming into today was whether Jason Vargas would be able to find a useful form again or if he was doomed to be terrible for the rest of the season. That question was quickly put on the back burner; for the fourth time in five games on this road-trip the Royals took an early 3-0 lead.

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Anonymous said...

Chris Conley's statement is out of ignorance. Maybe he and the other blacks and NFL players could practice what they preach!

Anonymous said...

^^^Maybe you and the other Nazi's' could drop dead too!

Anonymous said...

^^^^You first Byron

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO -- Fallen Angel

Karlie promised to take me to heaven, as she slipped off her halo!!!

Byron Funkhouser said...

Damn, 8:24, do you have a learning disability?

For the hundredth time, I am not the only Democrat in the country.

Anonymous said...

^^^ You're right Byron, there's lots of us Democrats out here. Fortunately, the majority of us are not far-left loons like you. ^^^

Super Dave said...

+100 ^^^^^^^

Anonymous said...

Chris Conley is a stupid fucker and not that good anyway.

Anonymous said...

Why would a football player with very little intelligence think he has a relevant opinion on anything?

Anonymous said...

"Chiefs player addresses violence in Charlottesville"

I'ze hatze da viowence. Muth Fuckas need to get a dog like my bro Vick.