Saturday, August 26, 2017

Celebrate Kansas City Beyond The Loop Urban Planning Propaganda Hype

Here's a look at a great many things that aren't going to happen . . . And basically just a lot of complaining about about the busted bridge. Checkit:


Tens of thousands of people drive across the Buck O'Neil Memorial Bridge each day and even more vehicles pass through the North Loop. They are primary regional arteries. Many others also walk and bike in the study area, though there are few safe or accessible facilities to accommodate them.


Anonymous said...

"Beyond The Loop".

Section 8 heading your way soon.

Anonymous said...

We already have Section 8 in the Northland. Everyone talks like we are 100% White Folks only. Come to NKC High School some weekday and count the number of Black, Hispanic, and Asian faces walking to and from class. Check out the Briarcliff, Crestview, Winnwood elementary schools. There is plenty of diversity up here. Our neighborhood has black families in Section 8 rentals. Check it out before you make a statement.