Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Burns & Mac Undercut On New KC Airport???

An illusion of a Kansas City bidding war but really nothing more than complaints about a rigged process . . . Checkit:

Burns & McDonnell disputes claim that competitor can build KCI for less

The KCI procurement process is starting to look an awful lot like a political campaign, one that may be aimed mainly at decision-makers. Burns & McDonnell beats back claims that a KCI Partnership can offer a new terminal at KCI for far less cost.


Anonymous said...

one can assume that the city council has expert advisors with the capability to advise them on engineering and design and, equally important, the financing structure.

the city council wouldn't make a huge commitment on its own without experts to help with due diligence.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, they have George Brett.

Anonymous said...

You realize your talking about our city government right? There isn't a smart one in the bunch, they would believe anything they tell them. For all we know these "consultants" are pulling this crap of the internet while laughing all the way to the bank

Anonymous said...

If it's on the internet it must be true right!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jolie would rather suck a dick than make a decision without expert input. Right.