Thursday, August 03, 2017

Border War Forever: Kansas And Missouri News Amid Tourist Racism Warning

Lots of Missouri and Kansas news that we find somewhat interesting . . . Compiled here because we already linked it OR it's not terribly important when it comes to KCMO life but we just wanted to make a note of it:

Show-Me Controversial Warning

'A moral crisis': NAACP issues unprecedented travel warning for the State of Missouri

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV5/AP) - The head of the Missouri NAACP says the national organization is backing a travel advisory urging caution in Missouri over concerns about whether civil rights will be respected. Missouri NAACP President Rod Chapel says national delegates voted last week to adopt a travel advisory that the state chapter issued in June.

Kansas Tax Hike Working?!?

Smaller paychecks bringing in bigger revenue in Kansas

One month after retroactive tax increases went into effect, the state of Kansas says revenues are higher than expected. The Kansas Department of Revenue issued a release Tuesday, announcing the collection of an extra $28.4 million last month over July 2016. That's $7.6 million more than the office had projected.

Show-Me Another Contender

Report: Hawley will file paperwork for Senate race on Friday; McCaskill campaign blasts Hawley (AUDIO)

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley (R) is reportedly creating an exploratory committee for a possible U.S. Senate bid next year. Missouri Democrats are responding by saying that Hawley is breaking a campaign promise. Hawley, who grew up in western Missouri's Lexington, is the youngest Attorney General in the nation.

Old Guv Legacy Challenged

Kansas Lawmakers Question Dual Job Roles For Brownback Appointee

Two Democrats in the Kansas Legislature want to know more about why Gov. Sam Brownback appointed the same individual to two high-level positions, allowing him to collect two paychecks since 2014. In 2011, Brownback appointed Mark Dodd to head the State Gaming Agency, which oversees gaming facilities operated by Native American tribes.

Show-Me Greatest Headline Of The Week

Shitty Nature Sanctuary Dumps a Bunch of Poop in Missouri Creek, Kills Fish

click to enlarge A sea of rich-people poop dumped in a creek by a Warren County luxury resort that bills itself as a nature sanctuary resulted in the deaths of an estimated 700 fish over the course of July 4th weekend, according to state investigators.

Kansas City Star Swagger Jacks TKC

Editorial: NAACP travel advisory - is Missouri the new Mississippi?

The NAACP has singled out Missouri for this distinct non-honor: Ours is the first state for which the civil rights group has issued a travel advisory, warning people of color to approach with caution. This is a dramatic announcement, and it's human nature that our first response might be to wonder whether we're really such standouts when discrimination is so rampant.

Sunflower State Copes With Prison Industrial Complex Crisis

Prison Staff Shortage Prompts State of Emergency in Kansas

El Dorado Correctional Facility's staffing shortage constitutes an official emergency, the Kansas Department of Corrections said Tuesday in response to a complaint over mandatory 12-hour shifts for workers at the prison. The agency will continue to use mandatory overtime when needed and rely on a 12-hour work schedule, "citing staff shortages and public safety as an officially declared emergency," Corrections Secretary Joe Norwood said in a letter dated Aug.

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