Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Blogging Questionable Clay County Question 1

EXCELLENT election day community journalism from this longtime local source. Checkit:

Something Looks Funny About Clay County Question 1

Did you know there is an election tomorrow (today 8/8/17 if you're reading this in the morning)? If you live in Clay County, here is the link to your ballot tomorrow. Platte County folks can see their ballot here. The big question on the ballot is a Clay County wide...


Tracy Thomas said...

Isn't Synergy Services a division of Jeff Roe??
Who gave the world the Ted Cruz stolen Iowa primary?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. Without specifics, I don't see how I could vote YES on either Proposition 1 or Question No. 2!

YES ON QUESTION NUMBER ONE, though, and Question 3 is pointless, since it conflicts with State Law and would have to be ruled invalid.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, no sign of Axiom strategiary, RoeGlow, on this one.

Backstory is that developers who try to control Clay County opposed this issue in August, 2016, when it was first proposed under Missouri State Statute. It was not allowed in Clay, while it was approved in Jackson County. Not the first time developers have opposed any issue that would raise taxes and possibly reduce public's appetite for their present and future TIF's; and numerous other tax drains to benefit their projects.

It is probable that blog opposition to this is being orchestrated by Roe&Glow with developer cash. Clay developers have hired at least one blogger to control the narrative.

Synergy Services long-time mission has been to provide emergency shelter care to abused and abandoned children. Within last several years, statistics have shown that were 1,200 homeless children in the Northland.

Commonly known is that suicide is now the leading cause of death among young people. The opioid and drug epidemic is also ruining young lives.

Clay County and many other Missouri Counties currently have Senior Services Boards that are similarly structured and operate under Missouri State Statute. Board members are nominated by the County Commissioners. All funds must be distributed under rigid guidelines by the County Treasurer.

All the listed contributors are youth services providers.