Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Bitter Courtroom Fight Inevitable Following Kansas City Toy Train Steetcar Elections

A fundamental lack of leadership or a comprehensive vision from elected leaders who are too scared to put their vote up for citywide consideration has created a crisis and elections that are decided by judges and juries rather than the electorate. Check the round-up:

Kansas City Is Voting On Multiple Streetcar Issues - Whatever Happens, Brace For A Fight

In the coming days, Kansas City will find out whether a small group of voters approved a special taxing district for a southern streetcar extension. Right now, the streetcar starts at the City Market and runs about two miles south. Whether the streetcar goes any farther, in part, lies in the hands of 5,752 Kansas City residents.


Anonymous said...

The only person who's bitter is this guy:

Real KC Streetcar news here:

Byron Funkhouser said...

8:12, I'll tell you who I secretly work for, if you tell me who you secretly work for?

Oh, never mind, I know who you work for, & I don't work, anymore.

I hope your grandchildren like the shiny new toy as much as you do ...

You can't let the people vote, because people are stupid, & will make the wrong choice. See what happened on Nov. 8, 2016? The American people proved that Adam Smith was wrong. People do NOT do what is in their best interests. People vote their fears & hatreds, not their hopes & dreams.

Oh well, this was the last gasp of the Baby Boomers, sad & pathetic, we pass with a whimper & will not be missed.

But, to quote Tony, I digress. Your grandchildren will feel the same way about this toy that you feel about the P&L, and Sprint Center.

Anonymous said...

Tell us, what Happened November 8th 2016 ??????

tell everybody what happened

we'd all like to hear it .

The FACT, that the American people were smart enough to VOTE OUT the pathetic Disgusting Communist Democratic Liberals, before they Destroyed the entire country !!!!!

That's what happened alright !

The Lying Corrupt 2 faced Pathetic Commie Liberals got their pathetic Asses Kicked, because of their lies, rhetoric & bullshit !

Their constant "Soft on Crime" agenda's, "Catering & Pandering" to Terrorists, Criminals, Rapists, Child Molester's, and Criminal illegal aliens,,,,,,,

Go on , tell everybody what happened !

You must be a Commie Degenerate Liberal, and Delusional NOT to see it !!

Anonymous said...

@ 5:24

None of what you assert happened; the fact is nearly 3 million more Americans voted for Clinton than did for the Orange Cheeto currently occupying the White House.

That Orange Cheeto is in the White House now has more to do with the illegal gerrymandering in places like North Carolina and Wisconsin, combined with illegal voter suppression tactics a la Chris Kobach.

In fact, the last two times the ReThugs have occupied the White House it was achieved by underhanded tactics. Which, I suppose, wouldn't be quite as offensive if they had even a basic idea of how to govern.

However, as the last six months have shown, they don't. The GOP is full of incompetent thugs and Koch brothers ass-lickers. As for the Orange Cheeto, it is to laugh...