Friday, August 11, 2017

Alleged Taylor Swift Ass Grabber Once Worked In Kansas City Radio

Fun fact for Friday, the DJ accused of sexual assault against America's favorite pop star once worked at Kansas City radio station KRBZ, 96.5 The Buzz according to a recent court admission. Read more about the case:

Perspective | On the stand in her groping case, Taylor Swift was everywoman. And that's what's so sad.

"He had a handful of my ass. I know it was him." Taylor Swift is a pop star, one of music's most savvy businesswomen and a $280 million brand. And yet, she was none of those things yesterday in a Denver courtroom, where she testified against a man that she says groped her at a 2013 meet-and-greet.


Anonymous said...

I would like to lick her pussy

Super Dave said...

More MEME, see MEME, by a attention seeking entertainment personality who is proof that people waste and spend hard earned money watching fools.

Remember this is the lady who canceled a contest for the fans when it looked like someone she didn't want to meet was going to win.

Anonymous said...

Says you

Anonymous said...

All she has is a handful of ass not like Lucy that has a truckload.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't have much of a body or face without hair , makeup and clothes. I think what's appealing is Taylor Swift looks rich

Anonymous said...

Not a Taylor Swift fan, but I do have a daughter. From the photo I've seen online there isn't any question what was going on.

Judging by the disgusting shit-eating grin on the scumbag's face, and from the general looks of this loser, he had finally achieved one of his lifetime goals, he actually got to touch a woman's butt for the very first time I his life!

I only wish that some of the security people had escorted him out of the room, with him unfortunately slipping on the stairs seven or eight times, permanently crippling both of his thumbs, and thereby ruining his future sex life

Oh, well, maybe the next twelve or so men he runs into on the street who happen to have a daughters will treat him to knees in his groin and spit in his face as a "greeting" from Ms. Swift and all women!

Like her or not, she's a woman, and no real man would pull what this jackass did, and every real man would make him pay more for it than just getting fired.

Guess this clown and his lawyer picked on the wrong woman though, from what's been reported, Taylor Swift has more balls than the two of them put together!

Anonymous said...

Silly broad! What is the use of having an ass if it is off limits...sheesh! It ain't like half the males in America haven't had their turn.