Saturday, August 12, 2017

All The Kansas City Saturday Bad News

Because the adults among us understand that crime and unfortunate events are the only REALnews that impacts the people of Kansas City. Check a collection of some recent local bummer headlines . . .

Serial Crook Scourge Earns Hard Time

Notorious Northeast burglar sentenced to 12 years in prison

By Paul Thompson Northeast News Gladstone. Park. Windsor. Garfield. Benton. Historic Northeast residents from each of these streets were terrorized by a prolific burglar for seven months between December 2, 2014 and July 12, 2015. On the morning of Friday, August 11, 50-year-old Robert L.

Highway Tragedy Fact Check

Lenexa trucking company in fiery I-435 crash has dozens of violations, feds say

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - 41 Action News took a closer look at the safety record for Alpha Transport. Police say a driver with that trucking company caused a multi-car crash on I-435 that critically injured one man.

Kansas City Runaway Mommy Aftermath

Woman suspected of driving drunk speeds away from sirens at 100+ mph, crashes with toddler, man inside

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Three people including a toddler were injured early Friday morning after a driver refused to pull over when a Jackson County deputy tried to stop her, suspicious that she was driving drunk. At about 3 a.m., Friday the deputy noticed she was weaving all over the road at 291 and 40-highways.

KCK Dumping Ground Scare

Authorities investigating possible human remains found at Big Eleven Lake

The Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office is investigating possible human remains found at Big Eleven Lake Friday afternoon. Big Eleven Lake is located just east of North 11th Street and Washington Blvd. in Kansas City, Kansas. It was around 4 p.m. when a concerned citizen notified the sheriff's department.

Alleged Rock Chalk Malpractice?!?!

Lawsuit: KU Health System doctor misdiagnosed patient, removed parts of organs

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A patient has filed a lawsuit against The University of Kansas Health System claiming she was misdiagnosed and unnecessarily operated on. Wendy Ann Noon Berner claims she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer following a biopsy in 2015, according to the lawsuit.

And this is ANOTHER Kansas City OPEN THREAD . . .


Anonymous said...

These high speed chases have to stop

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile black people are never called out for their animal behavior here.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, you are absolutely correct.


If that criminal, impaired woman driver had plowed into even ONE innocent driver, pedestrian, or animal WITHOUT police nearby, at 3 in the f*cking morning, how likely is it anyone else would be passing by soon at that time and be able to see in darkness if any seriously injuried needed aid?

Furthermore, she could have posed immense catastrophe in untold scenarios where a section of highway was busy. If she'd collided with a semi or a fuel tanker, that may have set off a pile-up to be possibly inferno blasted.

SHE'S ALREADY RISKING HARM APLENTY TO PEOPLE, PROPERTY, AND THE PURSUING POLICE! Trained in tactical driving personnel (PD, HyPo, Sheriff, Feds) should have discretion on a case by case call for pursuit.

Don Cardinal said...

Imagine how low crime would be with no niggery,