2017: On Pace Toward Kansas City's Deadliest Year In A Generation

Midway through quarter 3 . . . The level of local violence still remains steady at a tragic pace. Checkit:

As killings increase, Kansas City officials map out plan to end bloodshed

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Kansas City already was heading toward its worst homicide year in decades when three men were slain in separate shootings over four hours one day in July. One was gunned down on a porch, another in a vehicle. The third man was shot in a front yard.


  1. What plan? Fooled the Omaha World Herald, there is no plan.

  2. Unless that plan is to ship all the black people back to Africa, which I'm completely on board with, crime will never decrease.

  3. I know!
    Let's have a new plan called "Avon"!
    It's NoVa spelled backwards and is sure to work!
    Grant application pending.

  4. The mayor and cit manager have been the architects of this crime wave. They have done nothIng to improve the quality of life in the urban community and spent their political capital on appeasing the developers. Instead of ensuring that the city had the number of police officers needed to protect the city and investigate the crimes, they have reduced police staff by 150 officers. There is a direct correlation between decreased police officers and increased crime and police response times.

    The mayor is termed out and doesn't care, but we must ensure those that remain will protect the city. We need a better city council and mayor. Canady has already sold her soul while her district is being murdered. Jolie helped her chair a worthless commission. If the city can't hire more cops then they shouldn't be re-elected.

  5. quote from the article "James and others suspect that the killings in Kansas City have much to do with entrenched racism, poverty, a lack of education and jobs in the urban core, and the availability of illegal guns."

    "Entrenched racism", I hope he means that the blacks in the hood hate whitey.

  6. “There’s no accounting for the brutality, the crime and the senselessness of what goes on in this and every other large city in the country.”

    Wow. You're a fucking idiot Sly. You don't think that cutting the police force to pay for your pet projects and raising taxes, therefore creating more poverty, doesn't have anything to do with it? It just goes to show that liberal black democrats are completely incapable of holding any office in government. Well, that and the fact that black hood rats are breeding out of control and causing havoc wherever they have presence. Getting a government check is another reason for them to pop out more illegitimate children by many different males.

  7. "As killings increase, Kansas City officials map out plan to end bloodshed"

    Anyone buying into this shit needs to be hung from a freaking tree.

  8. There may be "illegal guns" but bet all the ammo they use was not.

    Fix the "Dougs and the Thugs" - let them have their gund but ban ammo!


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