Friday, July 14, 2017


National pundits agree that po'folk might value higher wages over party loyalty . . . And the fight is starting in Kansas City and throughout Missouri:

"Initiatives like Fight for $15 have to be wrapped in a larger, coordinated program to make inroads in rural areas and win back state legislatures."

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Republicans Are Coming for Your Minimum Wage Hike

Missouri is on the verge of rolling back a wage increase in St. Louis, adding an ugly wrinkle in the fight for decent living wages. The fight for a higher minimum wage has become a hallmark of the progressive left as it seeks to take back power from Republicans, at both the state and federal levels.


The Truth of the Matter said...

How about this, lets pay them 15 an hour and stop all welfare benefits for those who can work. Even Funkhouser could work he just doesn't want to.

No, to these people a good job is being allowed to show up late all the time, only having to work 24 hours a week while playing with their cell phone half of the time.

Anonymous said...

There won't be any backfire at all. Only Entitlement Snowflakes are ignorant of the laws of economics, primarily because they were raised on the government tit and believe it should go on forever.

Anonymous said...

Give them a one way bus ticket to Portland or Seattle and be done with them.

Anonymous said...

Hey snowflakes you can't pay fast food workers $15 an hour, even your dumb azz'z wouldn't be able to afford mcdonalds food

Anonymous said...

^^^Hey geezer-your diaper is full & Matlock is on.

Orphan of the Road said...

Cities folk and rural folk face the same problems.

Drugs, crime, no jobs and politicians who use them and abuse them.

One wing says your success came from the government largess and the other wing says your poverty is because of the government.

The jobs lost aren't coming back. They weren't stolen by other Nations. They disappeared because of the consolidation of industry and technical advances.

We were not crucified on a cross of gold but on the broken timbers of corporations destroying competition through consolidation of the industries.

By the elimination of the broadcast media being mandated to operate in the interest of the public good. By the abandonment of news as a loss-leader, where serving the public interest was necessary if you were to renew your broadcast license.

The airwaves belong to the citizens but were sold to the highest bidder to do with as they please. And the money paid to buy of regulations to allow profit over the public good filled corporate coffers and emptied the treasury.

The two major parties are controlled by Too Big To Fail. Who rape the public and their competition with the blessing of men and women who only have short-term goals.

To win elections and turn a profit. They issue long-term plans and goals laughing behind their backs at the plain people. Corporate decisions allow the men and women to dodge responsibility for the harm they have wrought. The men and women say it wasn't my decision, it was a corporate decision.

And our fiat currency policy continues to begat the illusion of a growing economy with an never-ending loop of Peter robbing Paul to pay Paul and having to rob rob Paul again to to pay him. With Too Big To Fail making a profit on each transaction.

Nothing backs up the money but faith in the government. Which our "leaders" have damaged more than any Russian hacking.

As long as the plain people continue to pay large sums to see The Egress, Too Big To Fail will continue to rape and plunder with the tactile approval of government.

Unless you have very deep pockets to buy influence you are a third-class citizen regardless of race, color or creed.

No one in this world, so far as I know - and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me - has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain
people. HL Mencken

I would add nor have they lost an election.

Anonymous said...


Silvestor orgalthorp said...

So what is your solution?

Anonymous said...

Hey Geezer Hater 8:51, get me another Starbucks & Portlandia is on.

Anonymous said...

Paying $15 an hour to have someone ignore the customer, screw up the order, spend time chatting with co-workers and letting the place turn into a pigsty? Yeah, sounds like a great idea. Please, please, please bring on the self-serve order kiosks and put a wall up so customers don't have to watch and listen to the employees screw around.

Anonymous said...

Geezer Hater,

Since you're probably a Bernie Sanders follower how about this scenario?

The minimum wage is raised to $15 an hour. Sanders gets elected in 2020 and raises taxes on everyone to 50% which brings your $15 an hour back to $7.50 and you're right back where you started only now, no one else in the country can get ahead as well. Kind of stupid when you put it that way don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Portlandia is the bomb!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:32Pm or better yet how about you keep your fat-ass out of the fast food restaurant? How about that-you heaving-humping hog? Then, the employees don't have to get sick watching your fat-ass eat? How about that?

Anonymous said...

1:21 hey dumbass aka hipster wanna be, if we fat people that includes you stay out the fast food restaurant then there's no business and guess what, it closes and nobody has a job