Friday, July 28, 2017

Will Organizers Ever Restore The Kansas City Vine Street Castle?!?!

Every few years there are big promises about the redevelopment of this structure . . . But they never happen. On the bright side, today Kansas City's best photog has some unique images of the iconic building that's still standing. Take a look:

Vine Street Workhouse Castle - Photoblog

Vine Street Workhouse Castle at 18th & Vine in Kansas City, Missouri. I did some drone pic snapping above the old jail on two occasions. Pardon the dumping of nearly two dozen drone buzz around pictures from early July 2017.


Anonymous said...

Cool place, too bad it's in the ghetto. Can't restore it and expect it to stay nice in the hood. Black people ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

If only they could claim that it was on the streetcar route.
Then there would miraculously appear tens of millions of dollars from city hall to fund whatever anyone wanted to do with the building.
Always pays to keep those trendy buzz words in mind when working with the folks at 12th and Oak.

Anonymous said...

It's owned by some preacher dude in kck, he's a scam artist who's been trying to get the city to pay for repairs. He's tied to fast food places and lives in a giant new house off of Leavenworth road NW of the race track. Did I mention he's a "preacher"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight 8:16 AM

On the surface it sounded like a bad idea anyway, follow the money there is always someone who is getting the money tucked away in their pocket. Wouldn't doubt if this "preacher" buys a new home shortly afterwards if it gets passed.