Friday, July 07, 2017

Will Kansas City Upper-Class Finance Kangaroo UMKC Arts Campus?!?!

On the bright side, creating a "cowtown Julliard" might not be the best use of big time donor money. You decide:

After Greitens' veto, how will KC pay another $48 million for downtown arts campus?

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens' veto of legislation to fund half the cost of an ambitious University of Missouri-Kansas City downtown arts campus has raised a giant question. Now what? How does Kansas City move forward with a world-class project intended to create the "Juilliard of the West"?


Anonymous said...

Since Sly is a big fan of the arts how about he auctions off a great big public ass kiss on ebay!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry mayor bullhorn will use gobond money for that, he's got plenty to spread around for anything other than streets and sidewalks

Anonymous said...

Most "artists" are faggots, so why should a single taxpayer dollar go to anything they want?

Anonymous said...

Because the libtards will whine, cry and protest, maybe even become violent, if they aren't adulated.

Anonymous said...

As I've said before, raising the money is easy:

1) announce that it will be called the Sinquefield/Kemper Campus for The Fine Arts.

2) either Rex or Croz will have one of their third-tier minions place a call to Jeff City.

3) GI Jerk will crap his pants, rescind his veto "after due deliberation", and immediately announce a $200 million appropriation to build a suitably lavish campus.