Will Kansas City Ever See The Broke-Ass Downtown Convention Hotel Built?!?!

City Hall assured $35-MILLION UP FRONT based on not a lot more than a dream and some sketchy proposals . . . And few notice that the ground-breaking date keeps getting pushed back. Here's a round-up of the local waiting game:

KC Convention Hotel Still Coming Up Short?

A piece in The Kansas City Business Journal suggests that the efforts of Mike Burke and his development partners to raise the private money needed to build a convention hotel might be cause for concern. It is difficult to tell, however, because the developers have hardly been forthcoming about the project.


  1. 10 million more riders on the train and it might be profitable.

  2. Burke needs to join hands with the clown "developer" in Mission who has been promising that his "project" is just about to get off the ground for over ten years now, and there's still nothing there but an empty muddy field.
    And maybe the KCMO council can get some negotiating tips from the clueless rubes in Mission.
    Two peas in a pod.
    Actually, two grifters in empty suits.

  3. If we're lucky it will never happen

  4. It will never happen.

  5. Burke has never developed anything. He's just another influenced peddling lawyer scamming the City, and our brilliant Mayor and City Council fell for it. Redeem yourselves and pull the plug on this fiasco, before they come back for more City money!!!

  6. I am confident that by the time KC gets a real legitimate convention to come to town they will have a new hotel. The good news is the city should have several decades to built it.

  7. This hotel was touted as being absolutely necessary to attract conventions to KC and, as such, totally an awesome investment. No way it can fail to be the key to a huge increase in tourism and conventioneer visits. And yet, the smart money wants nothing to do with it. My contention all along has been if it is such a great deal and sure thing it would already have been built by private money.


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