Thursday, July 06, 2017


As always, we look for the ALTERNATIVE perspective that MSM often overlooks and here's a note sent our way by the reader community frustrated with coverage, the higher cost of living and activism amid the wage debate.

Despite an upcoming Missouri income tax cut, here's an important quote from an AWESOME TKC READER in fairness:

"The TAXES that Democratic Liberals keep coming up with for all kinds of insane, foolish B.S. . . .

"Like that TOY TRAIN, the Jazz District, Downtown Hotel and New Airport -- Those venues are eventually going to cost citizens . . . Despite all the lies from Mayor Sly James.

"I been saying for months that those advocating for $15.00 an hour are just going to end up losing it in the end with all these TAXES the liberals seem hell bent on coming up with to "supposedly" pay for these projects . . . We're confronting higher Jackson County property taxes, Missouri Sales Taxes, The KCMO Earnings Tax along with higher water rates and fees.

"We never ever hear from news organizations about all the higher TAXES that affect small businesses and the workers and the citizens of communities??? Why Not???

"Just think how much more MONEY we'd have if politicians would actually CUT taxes, all kinds of TAXES . . . It would put more MONEY in people's pockets and also help small businesses out as well as the economy and make politicians manage their city / state budgets, just like we all have to do!!!"

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Kansas City the murder and high tax capital of the nation.

Anonymous said...

So what?

Anonymous said...

Read the University of Washington study on the Seattle $15.00 wage. If that doesn't make you reconsider then you deserve to fucking starve as a result if implementing such an idiotic wage increase.

Anonymous said...


Just asking, Demanding for a Higher working min. state Wage does NO GOOD across the board,,, unless

They also start protesting against all the un'necessary ridiculous Higher Taxes the Lib'tards keep coming up with all the time.

Soon as ya' get a New higher WAGE , more money, here comes the Democratic Lib'tards with more NEW Higher Taxes to take back what they just advocated for, essentially knocking you right back to where you started from,,,, struggling & poverty again.

So its pointless and useless in the end.

All its really going to do, is get their hours days worked cut in 1/2 or force some small businesses to just close up shop and put workers outta work.

Small businesses can't just up and afford that kinda wage hike all of a sudden along with all the other rising TAXES and overhead they incur.

I'm tellin' ya, Americans are over TAXED across the board !!!

FACT is lotta that Tax Money is WASTED by POLITICANS on the City level, State Level and Federal Level and county level !!!

with very little over sight or review or accountability

Its like some kinda of Damn free for all for your MONEY !!!!

Yet what really really flat out pisses me off - I rarely if ever see anybody PROTESTING about Higher Taxes or Rising TAXES ?????????

Heres what we get instead

Protests for Min. Wages

Protests for allowing WEED / DOPE

Protests wanting to be Gay queer or whatever,,,,

Protests over some decades old Confederate monument

Protests for wanting illegals into this country , illegally,,,

Anti WAR protests

Anti Whaling protests

Animal rights protests

Religious protests of whatever nature

All kinds of other useless pointless Protests

BUT whens the last time you seen, witnessed or heard of an "ANTI TAX" Protest being held and thousands upon thousands hell hundreds of thousands showed up ??????

Whens the last time ya' seen a Democratic LIBERAL Politician ever Protest against TAXES ??????? hell any liberal for that matter ??

Timke for a Major Change of VENUE here people !!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Whens the last time any of you seen or heard ANY of the 4 local TV Stations report on un'necssary higher Taxes ????

The News Reporters with the TV Stations all act like when some Liberal Politician comes up with a NEW Higher Tax its gonna be a Great Thing !!!!

They can hardly wait to inform you about it, its gonna be so wonderful, you'll end up having a Block Party for a week and Diarrhea for a week afterwards, ain't it wonderful ?????

They act like YOU should just be super elated to be losing even more of your money out of your pocket every month, to support some insane foolish bullshit, that isn't going to benefit you at all.

instead YOU find out years later that all that "TAX money" you been paying for whatever went to study why "Lady Bugs" don't take showers often, or some kind of insane stupid research study bullshit !!!

In the meantime don't forget to Jump with JOY to pay all those un'necssary sales taxes and Soda Pop sugary drink taxes the lib'tards want to impose as well as those "Pricy Chiefs Football" $60.00 parking Fees to park at the Arrowhead Stadium,, so your vehicle can get "VANDALIZED" while you watch the game !!!!


Anonymous said...

All these obama dummocrat taxes killed the middle class. The libtards in their infinite wisdom said we'all get those rich people to pay taxes and we will show them and it will save the economy, all it did was make them raise the price of goods that we need and lowered people's pay and now we have less money to spend., there is only roughly 10 million Americans that have a million dollars or more, there are 540,000 billionaires so who exactly is paying for all these free welfare and medical plans? The 150 million blue collar workers thats who and they are struggling to get by, what about the rest you say, well them be welfare people's or people who worked all their lives and are now retired so they aren't paying any taxes.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how long its going to be for these Degenerate Liberals to wake up and realize, they are shooting themselves in their own foot !!!

I'm glad TONY Posted this, because it serves as a TEST actually !!

So far at 5:30pm on 7/6/2017 this post has like on 6 comments ,,,,,

other posts on other legit subjects, are getting like 25 and 30 comments as of this check .

Tells me and others with common sense, that the majority of Kansas Citians are either clueless and or totally out to lunch on the whole TAXES issue and how badd its really affecting them.

Now if the post was about somebody refusing to make a Cake or pie for a Gay Couple or a Race issue,,,
Tony would probably have to start a whole another web site, just to handle the massive amount of comments that come rolling in !!!

BUT, mention and bring up TAXES ,,,and these fools must think were talking about TEXAS the state or something ??????????????

OK ~ Kansas Citians go back protesting, "catering & pandering" to your beloved KC Criminals that are pillars of your community, which ya seem to love,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Don't worry about all those TAXES that the Liberals are STEALING right out of your pockets & paychecks constantly !

Test Performed and Failed , just like I thought it would !