Wednesday, July 12, 2017


The latest part of a FAILED plan to reduce deadly Kansas City crime involves hiring and even more community outreach.

And so . . .


Remember that most of the DOZENS of anti-crime "activists" on the City Hall payroll have mostly served to demand more gun control and taxpayer subsidized pizza parties.

One of the best and brightest of our blog community clowns the nomenclature: "I personally think we have enough violent crime without an organized program."

Here's the word . . .

KC Mayor's Blog: City to Open Application Process for Violent Crime Programs Coordinator

Focusing on Facilitating and Maximizing Community-based Solutions, City Moves Forward with First of the Citizen’s Task Force on Violence Recommendations

The City of Kansas City announced today that on July 16th, it will begin accepting applications for a newly created “Violent Crime Programs Coordinator” position. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled, with the hiring process expected to be conducted in August. The role will be a contract position and report directly to the City Manager.

“Kansas City’s violent crime doesn’t have one cause, and it doesn’t have one solution,” said Mayor Sly James. “That means we need collective effort. The Violent Crime Programs Coordinator’s work will be to ensure the advocates, law enforcement, researchers and activists who are working to make our community safer are accounted for in the strategy to reduce violence. And there’s lots of work already being done to address systemic violence. But that work can’t take place in silos, it has to be collaborative.”

This is a specialized position that will serve as a liaison in the Office of the City Manager to assist in efforts to reduce crime within communities in Kansas City, Missouri. The objectives are focused on collaboration with varied stakeholders including law enforcement, neighborhood leaders, organizations, elected officials and City Staff in order to facilitate the implementation of the recommendations of the Citizen’s Task Force on Violent Crime.

Councilwoman Jolie Justus, who served as Chair for the Citizen’s Task Force on Violence, said the group’s final report reflects two clear sentiments. “First, as a community, we believe these recommendations are an essential component of reducing violent crime and they can complement the work of law enforcement and advocacy groups. Second, a lack of coordinated strategy has created a patchwork of violence prevention efforts when what we need is a cohesive, coordinated city-wide approach.”

That coordinated approach to reducing violent crime is essential to the new position’s success. While organizations, community groups, institutions and law enforcement each represent critical work being done to build awareness, keep neighborhoods safe, or provide social or behavioral services – the greatest opportunity for catalytic change is through a shared commitment to success.

“Keeping residents safe is our number one priority and that is a full-time job, however it takes more than just police to address issues leading up to violent crime,” says Councilwoman Alissia Canady, who serves as Chair of the Neighborhoods and Public Safety Committee. “We know we have to act intentionally to curtail the violence affecting our City. This new Coordinator will serve an important role – helping to communicate and align the stakeholders, resources, and collaborative work necessary to reduce violent crime.”

The Citizen’s Task Force on Violence presented the Mayor with a set of recommendations for Kansas City to pursue aimed at reducing violent crime, including policy measures, research efforts, and community-based solutions. Creation of the Violent Crime Programs Coordinator was a priority recommendation key to facilitating the balance of the Task Force Report.

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Anonymous said...

And THIS is how all of your GO Bond money got wasted.

Super Dave said...

And the rest of the world continues to laugh their asses off at Mayor Sly and the Idiot Council members.

TKC Comment Winner Chicken Dinner said...

^^^^ +1

Absolutely correct.

We're world class and #frosty.

More like foolish.

Anonymous said...

Does the job pay $15 an hour?

That would be nice if the city followed it's own b.s.

Anonymous said...

If Sly knew anything about m city government and its responsibilities to residents, he would be aware that the city already has a violent crimes organizations coordinator.
It's him and the other 12 clueless, irresponsible, and completely unaccountable bozos he "serves" with.
These folks will do pretty much ANYTHING to try to avoid doing their jobs.
How's Mike's taxpayer-subsidized hotel coming?
You really can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Un fucking believable.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it will pay very well, it should be posted on kcmo website next week, I can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Jolie is a lesbian, she will be good at reducing crime against women

Anonymous said...

Lock her up!!!!

AdJ said...

Fucking hell. Is this the best we can do? If that's so then this is going to be one hell of a long Summer.

Anonymous said...

And all this after we paid a half a million in overtime to the Police Chief.
This city has become quite the joke.

Anonymous said...

Is this new coordinator going to have contests to see where the most murders are committed? Will those neighborhoods then get a gold star for killing the most? Will creativity in those killings be involved in this process?

It's all well and good to blame the rise in killings on the minimum wage and job market, but it's the parents who have failed their children in not teaching them how to be responsible humans. Letting their kids do whatever they want with no consequence.

The entire city government needs to be tossed out like last weeks garbage, they ALL stink.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great! Even more taxpayer money being spent to stop an onslaught of black violence that the black community doesn't give a crap about.
What are the odds that someone like Ron Hunt, "bishop" Caldwell or Daniels-Young gets the job.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget all these so called programs like aim for peace have ex cons for employees, they probably know things about the police that can aid their criminal buddies that with their criminal activities