Sunday, July 16, 2017


An IMPORTANT fact fact check and testimony regarding the new airport. Take a look:

Letter To The Editor: KCI Airport

One of the many “‘Listening’ Sessions” on the new single terminal airport at KCI was held Monday, July 10. The assembled citizens assumed that the City Council would be listening to us. Instead, it was a lecture. We were told about all the benefits we would get from a NEW One-box single terminal.

Burns&McDonnell assured us they had everything under control and that we taxpayers would not be paying for it.

The Director of Marketing and Air Service named his powerpoint, ‘Listening’ Session.

We listened. He presented a One-box ‘single terminal’.

Two members of the business community (Chamber of Commerce and A Better KC) tried to make the case that with a new state of the art terminal, new businesses would come to Kansas City. I regret to say this, but people don’t bring a business to an area because of its airport. How about creating an environment tax wise that would invite new business.

Attendees were given an index card for a question, cards were collected at random, and the moderator decided due to time constraints, that no one could speak to his question.

Five members from the City Council were up next. Four of them stated:

- The original roll-out to voters of a single terminal in 2011-2012 was ill advised.

- We’ve spent over $400,000 on legal fees (for a project the voters have not approved).

- I was against it before I was for it.

- We lengthened the bidding process to allow others (besides B&M) to submit bids.

The only dissenting voice from Council was that of Teresa Loar, Second District,sidelined by being asked to go first. Her plain and simple comment: “We have put the cart before the horse. First should come the vote of the people, and then the plans to develop.”

To their credit, the five Council members in attendance stated that voters would be able to see all the proposals before they vote on the one chosen by the Selection Committee.

Let’s make sure the voters agree to having a new airport first. At a previous meeting, 80% of citizens stated preference for the current configuration.

For one third the cost, ($335 million) Terminal A could become state of the art with all the upgrades on the wish list. Yes, there’s another plan to vote on.

Residents and visitors alike appreciate the convenience. Law enforcement would continue to have ease of access since they are close to any call for assistance. Amenities for travelers would be provided by doubling the current width to include shopping, restaurants, and bathrooms.

Although the City Council and Burns&McDonnell are moving ahead with a One-box single terminal, it is not their decision. It is our decision.

Vote NO. There’s a NO in November.


Joseph Turner said...

I think MCI is fine the way it is. It may not be as fancy as other major airports, but it seems quite user-friendly (easy to get around, that is).

They just need to put a port-a-john in their "cell phone lot" waiting area. That would be nice when you have to wait there to meet someone arriving.

I had a thought come to mind about the single terminal however. How about one giant semicircle? Like one of the terminals now, but bigger? I don't know how practical or worth it that would be. But the idea came to me the other day.

Anonymous said...

The engineering and construction industry is at the #1 spot for corruption.

That's one of the few things that has been sustainable.

Super Dave said...

If Burns&McDonnell thinks the new airport is such a grand idea why don't they build it with their own money.

Oh I forgot, they have no money unless they are robbing it from taxpayers who they make think this is a grand idea so they (Burns&McDonnell) can get paid millions.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully there is a Operation Blighted Officials investigation under way.

Anonymous said...

When a city is dependent upon one industry like development to pay the bills and barely stay afloat you can be sure there is no shortage of graft.

Hyperblogal said...

Remember the Kansas City Power and Light District Deal? This one is worse.

Anonymous said...

Turn Up The Hype!

Worst airport I've ever been to on the planet. Imagine a shiny brand new single terminal with chargers and a Starbucks Kiosk.

Anonymous said...

Weez gunna be a National Leader when diz ting iz built.

Anonymous said...

OMG what is Big Mac going to do if it loses!

Anonymous said...

Haiti Official Set To Expose Clinton Foundation Found Dead In Miami

We know return to our regularly scheduled blog posting. Sponsored by Advil - The headache reliever Kansas Citians have come to trust.

EveryoneKC said...

Keep it the way it is, don't bankrupt the city.

Anonymous said...

The big Con...selling KCI to private business that will suck all the profits but leave KC with all the costs.

Anonymous said...

There will be two choices on the Nov ballot. Choice #1 - Cut off right foot. Choice #2 - Cut off left foot. Thanks, KCMO Council and those who "own" them.

Anonymous said...

Which also pretty much describes the P&L District, One and Two Light apartment buildings, Mike's new hotel, and most of the rest of the "development" of the downtown renaissance.
Lots and lots of unaccountable bond money will soon be pouring into the system.
But when the tiny minority of KCMO voters who actually show up at the polls and who keep electing the same kinds of folks over and over again, it never changes.

Anonymous said...

New businesses will come to town, eh? You don't say. Better yet, why don't you DO say: Give me the names of five significant businesses that moved to Kansas City in 1972 when the world-class airport opened to great fanfare nationwide. Who came, and where are they now?

Anonymous said...

Buttfuck & McDouche and their bow-tied yard ape are going to be defeated

Anonymous said...

I hope so

Anonymous said...

fine airport now -- easy access, short security lines...

with all the crap going on in KC -- why squander a half-billion on this scam??

Anonymous said...

Save KCI!

Vote no....along with a majority of other Show-Me State types in KCMO.

It's been shown that a Ƨrony, unvetted plan fraught with uncertainties is being rushed behind closed doors.

Vote no!

Anonymous said...

But we didn't have the trolley then.

Anonymous said...

BUT, BUT, BUT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Can't we just tear down the whole airport ?????????

and build a new High Tech Airport,,, out a cheap Old Shipping Containers and then somehow SECRETLY NOT tell the TAX PAYERS ???

put them on the HOOK for a whopping 700 Billion Dollars,,,,,,,

that is how the Communist Liberals think isn't it !!!!!

OOOpsss, better keep that a SECRET,, don't want word to get out !