This morning we offer REAL WORLD perspective of recent flooding that notes the consequences of old school JoCo decisions.

Our blog community says:

"Johnson County should pay to fix and control the storm runoff. Kansas City is now spending billions to prevent this in the areas of combined sewers, meaning storm drains and waste sewers. It is about time Johnson County have to do something about the problem they created."

And so, here's a missive from the archives and background about this history of this ongoing problem overlooked by MSM . . .

Each time the flood waters rush out of Indian Creek, Tomahawk Creek, the Blue River and the tributaries --- causing property losses, other Johnson Countians, too, are especially unhappy --- and
very angry . . . A former Kansas City councilman not only agreed, but was even stronger in his comments:

“Greedy Johnson County developers were the cause,” Bob Lewellen said. “They didn’t want to see flood control lakes on their land --- and they killed it.” In the early 1970s, a handful of land developers ---- aided by Congressman Larry Winn, Jr. --- blocked creation of three major reservoirs in Johnson County.

Called Tomahawk, Indian Creek and Wolf-Coffee, the trio would have served as the receptacle for much of the overflow that three times in 20 years inundated vast areas. It was a small, but powerful, group that led the opposition that killed the lakes. And in doing so wiped out forever the opportunity to control the flood waters that have ravaged parts of the community and will again. Unless, of course multi-millions are spent to stem the flow.

The fact is that when it rains hard in Johnson County, it’s felt on the Missouri side of State Line. That’s because of the lay of the land and river basins. And if it’s a very heavy rain, it can cause severe flooding.

As we said, in the ‘70s, Johnson County had the solution right in the palm of its hand. And even more important, the federal government was ready to pay the bulk of the money. But it was lost and with it went flood control.

And so recent rain had a cause beyond pseudoscience touted by MSM . . .

You decide . . .


  1. JoCo never pays their share.

    And they always dump on KCMO.

  2. All water goes downhill that's a given fact. Anyone who lives downhill from areas that drain towards it can tell you so. If the heavy rain line of last week had been just a few miles north the Plaza would have flooded again along with SW Blvd and more than likely the Leeds area

    Long story short when several inches of rain falls on already wet ground in a very short time flooding is going to take place.

    I have seen pictures of Indian Creek flooding from the late 40's in the 103rd and Metcalf area when it was nothing but farm ground and dairy farms. I also have seen pictures of it in 1951 when it flooded again. My father grew up and lived just a half mile north of that location.

    I saw minor flooding in my own area after last weeks storm that had nothing to do with concrete of any development.

    Lay the blame on cities and developers who allow building to take place in low lying areas. You can't control Mother Nature or the nature flow of water.

    Take New Orleans for an example, it will flood again and nothing will be able to stop it from happening just from the shear fact of where it is located.

    1. "shear" fact. Like wind shears, idiot?

  3. Build a dam at State Line Road

  4. The Truth of the Matter7/31/17, 7:21 AM

    How about JOCO build a wall to keep asshole welfare greedy missouri folks in their own state.

  5. Killa city let's them get away with it. When Troy got called out on tv for turkey creek being the reason why brush creek is contaminated someone asked why the city doesn't make the Kansas side cleanup their rivers he said he didn't want to upset them or make them mad, really. Apparently he's scared to death to upset the real power playas in this town

  6. Most of the hacks, like Traci Thomas, who follow this blog live in JOCO, so whatever....

  7. Another two weeks and all this will be forgotten until it happens again.
    Why continue to build in this area?
    Blame mother nature.

  8. ^^^^^^^ hey stupid most auto spells will correct sheer to shear so STFU if that's the best response to fact you can come up with.

    1. Stupor Dave's sheer idiocy makes me want him to fall off a shear cliff.

  9. Level the strip center then enlarge that park where ferals have been hunting joggers.

  10. Orphan of the Road7/31/17, 10:20 AM

    The greed of developers and local government to pave/build every square inch on Earth is the cause.

    I feel no pity for the folks there anymore than those with beachfront homes. I do pity the taxpayers who foot the bill for the never-ending cost of trying to beat Nature.

  11. 7:40--Yes, I live in Johnson County now. A refugee from crime in the 90's--the KCPD could not keep me safe at my office at 31st and Main (Uzi shells in the street every weekend) or my home at 33rd & Karnes (dyslexic Mexican gang shot up the wrong home in the next block, plus pimps on my street recruiting their girls out of a Simpson House halfway home for recovering alcoholics).

    so I fled KCMO, and still try to make it better with critiques calling out greedy developers and corrupt politicians.

    I co-authored the Doubleday book about KC with Walt Bodine, "Right Here in River City" where I praised Tom Leathers for the exact same story Tony cites today, about the failure to build flood control lakes in southern Joco.

    (It failed because of TWO things actually. Developers didn't want it. And white voters did not want to build three recreatI lostional lakes where blacks would cross the state line for their enjoyment. So it was money AND racism.)

    After I served five years on my Shawnee City Council, having taken out a man who beat up my neighbor and was not prosecuted, I then ran for office against a bought-and-paid-for developer's puppet, Annabeth Surbaugh, who became the first elected Chairman of Joco's Board of County Commissioners.

    I lost, but at least I called her and her keepers out. If you think Donald Trump ran a fierce campaign in the Republican primaries, you'd have enjoyed MY debates.

    So I do my part. I fight tax increases for free. Including the defeat of BiState II and Big Soccer. Saved the taxpayers $2.4 BILLION so far.

    What do YOU do, 7:40, you anonymous coward?

    1. Tracy, you are so beautiful and sexy. What are you wearing today, my beauty?

  12. I did visit KCMO 13 times the past week--
    attended 12 Fringe Festival plays
    and saw SCORE at Screenland Tapcade Sunday morning at 11:30--
    sensational film about the power of music to complete every great film, showing at 3:30 today thru thurs. only.

    I enjoyed a great burger at the Westport Flea Market, (with beef from my favorite meat market, McGonigle's.
    And I patronize the Tivoli regularly.
    And go to Cafe LaVie, the porch front 'salon' of cultural creatives hosted by Steve and Jerome at 36th and Charlotte on Sunday mornings.

    But no, I won't be moving back to KCMO. It's broke and broken. Perhaps beyond recovery.

    Like NY, a great place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.
    and it will only get FAR worse if the Toy Train is extended to carry crime and parking woes to the Plaza as well as out to UMKC. There goes the MAX bus. Plaza will need to charge for parking--which was NEVER their plan.

    What was Sly James thinking? Did he suffer a TBI when he jumped into the bushes at the Cheesecake Factory when a gang shot at him???

    If you know ANYONE who still has an uncast ballot for the trolley extension, talk some sense into them to VOTE NO.

    the flood of armed yutes to the Plaza will be even worse than any stormwaters from Johnson County. Because it doesn't rain that hard every day. But idle youth marauding the Plaza and Westport, then jumping a free getaway train? Fatal move for KCMO.

  13. 10:51:
    As they say at Meyer Briggs, every ENTJ (like me) was born wearing combat booties.

    1. Are you wearing hose too?

    2. You are soooo beautiful

  14. Not only storm water flows from JoCo to KCMO. Killa City taxpayers can take pride that they provide sewer services to much of Mission Hills and Leawood at discounted rates while Killa City rates skyrocket.

    KCMO residents water rates have gone up 88%, while thirty other towns and villages that buy water from KCMO have only experienced a 38% increase.

    How much are sewer service rates for Mission Hills and Leawood, KS, that KCMO provides? Certainly much less than for KCMO property owners. The JoCo Developers who control Slie are entitled to subsidies for their efforts to bankrupt Killa City.

  15. Yeah the dyslexic Mexican gang was supposed to shoot up 33rd and Senrak.

  16. Byron Funkhouser7/31/17, 2:02 PM

    1:13, 11:40 & 10:51

    Women face non-stop 24/7 365 sexual harassment, sexual objectifying & outright misogyny.

    Tell me again how heterosexuals are better than homosexuals & transgenders.

    I don't see it.

    1. You as a homosexual should already know the answer to your stupid question, retard.

  17. Yes we all saw how well you do that Shithouser, we all seen what you did and said about Toni the hat check girl till Super Dave put you in your place and you butt hurt crawled off till yesterday when you showed up with your nasty comments again.

    Go the hell back where ever that was!

  18. Tracy is really racist. That's messed up. And yes, JoCo residents are leaches.

  19. 4:31, Jim Brodi--
    you obviously do not know me. Or my civil rights experience. Or my social friends.
    So, please, sir--
    Don't call me a racist for reporting a story shared by Tom Leathers in the 70's!
    Did you call Huntley and Brinkley racists for reporting the march in Selma?

    Thank you for at least signing your name.

  20. Hard to plan and spend millions on once every 20 year acts of god. Mitigating or eliminating damage happens every time it rains hard, hundreds of times between floods, but we never notice that.

  21. Funkenshyster you fucking moron! Women wear make up, wear cologne, wear feminine clothes and then bitch that they are viewed as sex objects? They are damn lucky they are because no man would put up with their hormonal, high maintenance, moody, psycho shit if there wasn't some booty in the deal. You seriously don't believe men are drawn to women for their minds, right?


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