Thursday, July 27, 2017


Really great community news report on a bygone institution that's certainly worth a click:

Kansas City International Raceway gone too soon

In 1967, The Beatles proclaimed that "All You Need Is Love," the Kansas City Chiefs played against the Green Bay Packers in the first Super Bowl and Chevy introduced the first Camaro. 1967 was also the year that the Kansas City International Raceway drag strip opened on Noland Road.


Anonymous said...

It would still be there if it wasn't for some rich whiny person who didn't like the noise when he built his house about a half mile from the track. This rich person happens to be apart of a big local bank in town and whined to the city council and mayor (political payback) so the city's great idea was to force kcir to sell so they could build this wonderful park because that end of town doesn't have one. Well, many years later all they have is some half ass walking trails, why you ask, because the rich whiny person moved shortly after the track was bought out and destroyed and the city no longer was obliged to finish this grandios park they promised

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Claire a part of that?

Super Dave said...

^^^^ Yes she was, in fact she was a huge part of it. She had property by it and by getting the track to close her property was worth more.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, sleaze summit has a nice strip at hook road, btwn 291 & ward rd in south sleaze summit.

Anonymous said...

Another result of the NIMBY'S

Anonymous said...

as a long time Drag Race Fan myself and occasional Drag Racer with an old school 1968 Camaro SS,,,,

I'm NOT so sure it wouldn't of eventually closed anyway.

Today all we have mostly is Youngsters with silly pathetic "Rice Burners"trying to chirp the front tires on their front wheel drive Foreign Rice Burners,,,

They'll spend thousands of dollars on Speakers and Boom Boxes and bout $1.99 on actual performance parts, unlike yesteryear , good ol' days.

Frankly I really don't care to pay to get in to watch sum Pathetic Rice Burner run the 1/4 mile track in like 1.5 minutes or longer,,,,

The Good Ol' Days are long gone of Non computerized , non emmisioned Hemi's, Hi Rise intakes, Narrowed Rear Ends and tubbed out cars with rolling Chassis, Center line wheels, and full roll cages and Weiand BLOWERS poking thru the hoods,,,,

Gone are the 6.5 & 7.2 1/4 mile Drag Cars of the mid 1950's, 1960's &early 1970's,,,

Gone are the actual SPEED SHOPS that used to be around town, that sold Hi-Rise intakes, Holly Double Pumpers, Hoosier & Mickey Thompson Slicks, Centerline Aluminum Racing Wheels and Line Lock.

Now what ya have are Rice Burners, that maybe will Chirp a front tire, and that Rice Burner has $5,000 worth of Speakers & Boom Boxes and other non performance junk embedded into them.

Used to be back in my day, the 1/8 mile Drag Strip in Lawrence Kansas was the place to be every week-end, from like 1972 until 1985,,,

then it to closed down eventually,,, and now last time I checked it was a residential housing suburb of homes that all look alike !!

Hell, here in KC we used to have actual Tractor pulls and Loud Truck pulls at Kemper Arena back in the late 1970's and early 1980's era, NOT anymore, haven't in decades.

Shit, before long we won't even have an actual International Airport !

Times are a changin', and NOT for the better !!

Anonymous said...

^^^ +1000 on this comment. THANK YOU Crazy Clown.

Anonymous said...

Thank God we have plenty of drag queens in KC to remind us of the good old days.