Saturday, July 22, 2017


Jackson County is at a crossroads.

The sitch . . .

- A litany of a bad news and a recent death at the jail threaten to create a real life HUMAN RIGHTS CONCERN that seems to demand federal intervention.

- Arguing in open session about the jail and the budget is UNPRECEDENTED in recent history and Exec Frank White seems to be losing control of the Legislature. 

- Property tax problems, worker discontent amid cutbacks and and overall high crime complaints directed against the Prosecutor's office create the impression that THE COUNTY IS UNDER SIEGE from voters who demand better from their public officials. 

Right now, here's an important word sent our way that speaks the screwed up situation and local government employees also feeling marginalized by the people in charge. Checkit:

Darkness descends on the County Courthouse:

We are desperate and are asking for help. This entire administration is nothing short of frightening. The public has no idea how honestly evil this place has become.

We fear for our jobs if we don't do and say exactly what the administration wants regardless of whether it is ethical, legal or right. I have a colleague that works in the budget department that was told to "quit asking questions" when she noticed irregularities in some line items or they'd be fired (They are a single parent with kids). That kind of stuff never happened even during the Shields era, and that era was pretty bad.

THE NEW BOSS simply does not care what HIS HENCHMAN does to us so long as he can go golfing, and HIS HENCHMAN spends all of his time scheming and plotting how to politically screw over people he doesn't like.

The administration fear the press and this BLOG in particular. We know that our calls and internet use is being monitored to find out who is tipping you. Word went out two weeks ago that anyone providing info on the leaks would be "rewarded." This place is out of control. Something needs to change.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

There has to be a better way to collect property taxes.

Because Jackson County can't even do that right.

The elections are coming up in 2018. I hope people remember how screwed up things have been so far. Nobody can argue that the current crop are doing a good job.

Time to clean house.

Anonymous said...

That "crossroads" was passed a very long time ago.
And the voters really pay no attention to or care what goes on with county government.
So the cesspool gets stopped up and just keep backing up and the next round of elected "officials" turns out to be even worse than the last.
Jackson County and KCMO are in a race to see who can be less responsive to the needs of their residents and who can hit the ethical and effectiveness bottom first.
Neck and neck so far.
And clowns at the helm of both.

Anonymous said...

The average American worker puts up with all this baloney on a daily basis. It is actually kind of refreshing to see the bureaucrats actually feeling a little pressure. Not like they do an honest days work in the first place.

Anonymous said...

When I was in that joint I was fucking a female guard in the goddamn broom closet. I did 8 months, this was 10 years ago and I probably banged her 30+ times . Man was she a little whorelet. I fuck her she give me head anywhere we can find a place. Sure did make my stay there a lot easier

Anonymous said...

At Jackson County the employees have been asked to "do more with less" for decades while the County Executive keeps adding "administrators," "deputy administrators," "assistant deputy administrators" and so on. And Frank White has an entire Public Relations staff too.

Anonymous said...

Frank shouldn't be controlling the County Legislators. They should be holding his feet to the fire. But they're just a bunch of gutless wonders.

Anonymous said...

^^^ +1

Anonymous said...

If you live in Jackson county, it can only be to be near other trash.

Anonymous said...

All of this is true. Mismanagement and bullying.

Anonymous said...

Frank White is sitting on a powder keg it's just a matter of time before it explodes

Anonymous said...

Perhaps being a baseball player was not the best training to be county executive.

Anonymous said...

Jesus. Could White suck any more. Lazy. Stupid. Bully.

Anonymous said...

Vote his ass out in the next election. Not like there is a shortage of boons to elect around here. Oh I forgot! White boys don't vote.

Anonymous said...

Caleb Clifford, a deadbeat dad. is the main problem.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, Welcome to how the Degenerate Socialists / Communists attempt to run & manage a city

total FAILURE everytime = FACT !!!

Other of their Failures:

Los Angeles
Las Vegas
New York

its a massive list, too big for this blog,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,