Thursday, July 13, 2017


He's the most prolific and controversial petition gatherer Kansas City has ever hosted.

Clay Chastain has been accused of disrespecting women, animal cruelty and a litany of complaints about his residence.

To wit . . .


Without any further ado . . . Check the world according to Clay:

Clay Chastain sets record straight on Clay Chastain

I have said repeatedly... I am not the issue, the issue is the issue. Nevertheless, many people cannot get past the name Clay Chastain to give my cause a chance. For years there has been much misinformation published about me and many people unkindly speculating about what my motives are in my dogged efforts to help improve Kansas City. And no doubt, whatever I state here will be disbelieved and even mocked by some who don't like me and want to bring me down in the eyes of the people. However, since I am asking the people to approve a new $1.2 billion all-electric, efficient, convenient and environmentally-sound public transportation system (August 8 Ballot Question #2), I feel it appropriate to answer my critics as follows:

1. He has, according to Tracy Thomas and others, "fake white teeth." The truth is, my teeth are real and have never been altered with whiteners, etc.

2. My sister does not want me to use her address to register to vote. The truth is, this is true because my cause has worn her out.

3. I am doing this because somehow there is a financial payoff for me. The truth is, there is absolutely no payoff for me from anyone. Rather, my moral causes in Kansas City have financially drained and personally disrupted my life.

4. He does this because he is narcissistic and likes to grandstand. The truth is, there is some truth to that. Though I do have a healthy ego and confidence in my abilities, I started out as a rather shy individual just wanting to utilize his God-given talents to help where I could. It is true that I have grown accustomed to being in the lime light for years, and I found I rather like it. Though, my primary motivations are help the people of Kansas City, the City itself, the environment and insure the petition process in Kansas City remains viable and meaningful.

5. He keeps on trying to butt into Kansas City's business when he no longer even lives here. The truth is, that is true. But, I am an American and Kennedy invoked us to help our country where we can and how best we can. I lived in Kansas City for 20-years and understand its problems and dynamics as well as anyone.

6. The people do not want what I am peddling. The truth is, that remains to be seen since I won in 2006 when I was given a fair shot and the City did not try to corrupt that election.

7. I am cruel to animals. The truth is, that is another blatant false accusation against me to undermine my credibility by those who seek to bring me down, like KMBZ News Reporter Bill Grady. I have had and loved dogs all my life. I treat them with the utmost kindness, love and compassion. Yes, there was a terrible accident that killed 2 of my dogs. There was no animal cruelty involved. Some people tried to hurt me with that false accusation, but the court found me innocent. What's more, if I had any history of being cruel to animals the courts of Virginia would never have granted me sole physical custody of my 11-year old daughter when she was 7.

8. I am a dangerous person who deserves to be placed on the City's "Watch List" for people the City deems dangerous. The truth is, I was undeservedly profiled and placed on that list by my enemies at City Hall who also want to harm me and undermine my credibility with the public. I am a 100% non-violent individual who has never committed any act of violence against anyone, nor have I ever threatened an act of violence against anyone. I use my brains, not my fists. Once again, does anyone believe the courts of Virginia would have awarded me full physical custody of my daughter (4-years ago) if I had any history of being violent?

9. I use, abuse and disrespect women. The truth is, that is blatantly false as well. In fact, I was sued by a woman (we settled out of court) who falsely alleged that. Though I did get a little too full of myself in the mid 90's in my pursuit of romancing women, I have always esteemed most women because their row to hoe in life, and in America's culture, is far more difficult than it is for men. And furthermore, I am the father of two wonderfully sweet and kind daughters who reinforce my love and admiration for the gentler sex.

10. I said (more than once) I would not bring to the voters another petition proposal if I lost. The truth is, that is true. I meant it when I said it. However, I later changed my mind when I realized I might yet break through and accomplish something good for Kansas City if I gave it one more chance.

I hope this is helpful to those who want to know if they can trust me to lead this city forward.

Clay Chastain


Anonymous said...

Anybody know if Clay's petition will add on to the current streetcar? I would support a direct election instead of the write-in ballots. Maybe that is a better way to get it done.

Anonymous said...

Weez need more overhead wirez to gitz up in the sky and da train to da Plaza. Nike juz opened up dare.

Anonymous said...

Plus we can take the train to get closer to the new QT super duper restaurant on Westport road so we can take our dates out for an elegant experience.

Jameson said...

Can we get a petition to stop Clay from doing anymore petitions?

Anonymous said...

Great idea

Ladies Who Lunch said...

What a limp dick!
Hey asshole Chastain, STFU! And leave your daughters out of your 'splaining why you are a worthless dick.

Anonymous said...