Saturday, July 22, 2017


We've talked about a recent and controversial message in support of an EPIC Kansas City airport money grab and now the talk of political consequences is growing even more extreme.

To wit . . .


Some of the best and brightest local denizens believed the advert was noteworthy for the brazen "assumed close" and the hard sell approach . . .

Take a listen for those who don't remember . . .

And now . . .


Here's the word:

"Those current (and horrid) radio ads lack any sort of sponsorship identification and as such (might) violate federal regulations. Stations running them may be subject to impressive fines."

47 U.S.C.
United States Code, 2013 Edition
Part I - General Provisions
Sec. 317 - Announcement of payment for broadcast
From the U.S. Government Publishing Office,

§317. Announcement of payment for broadcast
(a) Disclosure of person furnishing
(1) All matter broadcast by any radio station for which any money, service or other valuable consideration is directly or indirectly paid, or promised to or charged or accepted by, the station so broadcasting, from any person, shall, at the time the same is so broadcast, be announced as paid for or furnished, as the case may be, by such person: Provided, That "service or other valuable consideration" shall not include any service or property furnished without charge or at a nominal charge for use on, or in connection with, a broadcast unless it is so furnished in consideration for an identification in a broadcast of any person, product, service, trademark, or brand name beyond an identification which is reasonably related to the use of such service or property on the broadcast.

Talk about crash and burn . . .

And once again it seems like the "smartest guys in the room" have managed to stall another campaign endeavor as new airport talk fails to convince anybody who isn't on the payroll despite a great deal of high flying promises.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Fix is in at the airport, seems like a way to get money to all of the politically connected in KC.

Frosty said...

Anything for those 50 million tourists we get every year.

Anonymous said...

The usual suspect consultants that Slie retains have never been concerned about legality, honesty, integrity, truth or ethics.

Federal and State Prosecutors take little interest, and the media look the other way.

How long have the JaCo Jail problems been ignored?

Todd Graves is removed as U.S. Attorney and his buddy Mike Sanders resigns in the night and Graves is paid to cover-up the jail scandal.

Killa City is on track to be worst city in America.

Anonymous said...

aren't political ads supposed to state the advertiser?

if it's not a legal requirement, it would certainly seem to be an aporopriate policy for a radio station.

but it's like everything else so far on the crony airport scheme: corners are being cut to avoid rigor and transparency.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your good- government journalism, TKC.

Anonymous said...

Let's sue their azz!

Anonymous said...

Burns $ McDonnell continue to show their ineptitude and amateur status in this competition. AECOM will eat their lunch if all things are fair. B$M says they will break ground on November 8th (the day after the election gives them the go ahead). Again showing how far out of this game they are. There will be tons of FAA regulations to comply with not to mention if the ACLU sues for lack of proper environmental procedures. Remember there are slave and native american graves on that site. Did B$M buy off the Watkins Foundation? They were really concerned about the slave graves until B$M got involved???

Tracy Thomas said...

I reported the radio copy and the FCC violation and the "Assumed Close" on my blog,, on Friday, July 7. Tony was smart enough to link it then--so appreciated.

I did confirm with Entercom that in fact, the ads were PAID FOR BY Burns & McDonnell, tho there was not disclaimer. And I spoke with James Clahr, the head of Missouri Ethics Commission, who said it's not exactly a "political ad" because to date there is no scheduled election. And that only PRINT has to be reported fully to MEC
Based on my 40 years running an ad agency, I believe it is unlikely that Entercom would be fined or sanctioned by the FCC for unclear failure to disclaim the sponsor. That happens with some frequency. Tho I feel certain that in the future, if Burns&Mac places more spots, the disclaimer will be added.

Not sure about the TV campaign.

To me, what I'd like to see someone research is the July 18 contributions reports from all lobbyists, due to the Missouri Ethics Commission. B&M has five lobbyists. Not sure if Michael Merriman at Americo Life, the secret investor worth only $6 billion but claiming he will supply $1 billion to finance the "New smaller KCI with only 35 gates".

Come on, guys. If an insurance brokerage is ADVERTISING before they sell bonds, that very likely could be BOND FRAUD.

So where is our version of Robert Mueller? Who is investigating this? Hey, anyone on the KCMO Council, I double dog dare you to ask, in writing, with a perjury penalty (like we should have done on Mike Burke's lies about the downtown hotel)--
Mr. Michael Merriman--did you or any of your companies, compensate or participate in the advertising campaigns on Entercom radio and/or local TV stations, placed ostensibly by Burns & McDonnell, that aired in July, 2017, inferring falsely that the "new KCI Airport was built by Burns & McDonnell?"

Follow the money. And let me and Tony know.
Tracy Thomas

Anonymous said...

It's not for an election therefore the rules don't apply.

Well, on to the next big non-issue!

Anonymous said...

They are FCC rules and not FEC rules and pre-date election regulations. They apply to anything that is broadcast for money as they were originally designed to combat payola. The station is responsible for following the rules and should have made B&M comply. The usual fine is around $10,000 and would be paid by the station(s). Someone would need to alert the FCC first.

Anonymous said...

Are there any FCC rules before you do a commercial on somebody else's blog post, Tracy? ��

Tracy Thomas said...

Oooh lookie, 3:52 has heat stroke and has learned to do fancy question marks! It wasn't a commercial, (I make no money from my blog). It was statement of facts to point the reader to more information, that is currently linked here already.

2:53--It won't be me alerting the FCC. Stay on task! The goal is to get KC the best airport, that works, without raising airfares due to restraint of trade and favoritism of the existing gate-holders. And that doesn't enrich private investors when we can save $140 million in interest by simply issuing public Airport Revenue Bonds. Like Katie/Kathryn Shields has explained.

The goal is to stop bond fraud and collusion and insider trading, by outfits like the secret investor partner, Michael Merriman/Americo Life, which is a small peanuts company worth $6 billion pretending it can finance $1 billion, easy peasy. all the while promoting their bond offerings with pre-paid advertising placed under the name of Burns & McDonnell.

The goal is not to spank a radio station. It was "implied" and "inferred" that the advertiser was Burns & Mac. So there will be no fine.

Stay on task! Do some research on Burns&Mac's lobbying expense report due last week, July 18--and any ties or contributions from Americo Life or Michael Merriman! Follow the money! They're trying to hijack the airport.

Have you started to notice how now all three bidders are assembling their bought and paid for teams and partners? Hush money?? Or pay to play?? Will they be also kicking in to advertise a done deal that isn't done yet??

This is starting to look like cities bidding on an NFL team. Or cities bidding on the Olympics.

But it's enlightened self interest rather than the PUBLIC INTEREST.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the bond issue, redux, minus the popular vote. Moneyed interests are willing to spend lots of bux (and will get oodles of bux in return) on PR firms to influence public perception of the proposal. Those against or skeptical of the proposal have little money and no organization, and city government is not about to level the playing field for them. So, all the public hears is one side, virtually assuring success and a very nice return on investment.

Streetcar extension - same thing, but a legal scam as well. We're just sheep getting fleeced.

Anonymous said...

Did someone say on This Week In Review last night that B&M and/or others were paying people NOT to work with the other bidders?

Anonymous said...

"Stay on task?" Why not both? Lazy-assed media is killing this town. Star is in City Hall's TIF pocket. TV can't report a story longer than 90 seconds and only then if there is blood, and radio reports stories 2 days after you (and they) read them online.

Maybe a wake-up call from the FCC will at least make sure B&M and others have a harder time playing shell games.

Anonymous said...

Tracy Thomas, the same person who believes James Nutter was a saint. What a dipshit.

Anonymous said...

Here you go 5:27

If everyone who reads this sends in a complaint and link back to this thread or Tracy's story, maybe something will finally happen.

Anonymous said...

You legal amateurs slay me.

47 317 refers to programming, not advertising.

Tony do you bother verifying ANYTHING you post or do you just not give a fuck? If I say Sly James is a satinist, is that it? TKC EXCLUSIVE!!! MAYOR A DEVIL WORSHIPER!!!

Because this is all pretty fucking laughable.

Anonymous said...

41 Action News Weekend Edition
Eclipse may draw hundreds of thousands to MO

Hurry and git that damn airport built!

Anonymous said...

Tracy, you are so beautiful and sexy. What are you wearing right now?

KC Voter said...

Burns & Mac deserve to be called out on this. The defenses I've seen here aren't very convincing. They amount to, attacking the source, saying it doesn't matter and plain old name calling.

This is obviously a political ad for a voter referendum that is already underway, even the star reported the ad a few weeks after it started running.

Why should a KC corporation be above the law?

Anonymous said...

Blah Blah Blah! Sly will have it as he wishes....PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

i hErD b&M goT tHe NoGZ aND The dYKeS on BoREd.

Adrian G. said...

B&M is tarnishing their reputation. I hope they realize this. They will never the same company again in KC's eyes. They are looking like corporate raiders and greedy instead of good business people.

Anonymous said...

They actually look more likely scheming beggars.