TKC Blog Community Captures Kansas City Truck Crash At 12th Street

Special thanks to KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTERS for sending this photo of a truck collision and common Kansas City accident at the 12th & Elmwood railroad overpass.


  1. This is a common occurrence at that location. The height of the overpass is clearly shown. Some truckers are too dumb or stoned to notice.

    1. ^^^ +1

      Too many stoned drivers in KC.

  2. I bet that fucker shat his pants

  3. Again? Usually 2-3 times a year.

  4. I hope they check the Integrity of that bridge often. You would think that the many many many times that it is been hit my truck that it would be structurally compromised by now . . . sumbitch read the sign dudes!

  5. More and more, these are just large trucking firms rather than small haulers. Their drivers are just competent enough to make the truck move forward, nothing else. The firms have internal driving testers or paid off Deputies during the actual test to get their CDL. The chew them up and spit them right back out, inflicting the rest of us with jumped-up "drivers" who think they can drive anything, anywhere, when in reality they can't negotiate a parking lot let alone rough haul in an end-dump at the Mission Gateway project.


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