Monday, July 24, 2017

TKC Blog Community Blames KCP&L Suits For Power FAIL Not Hardworking Linemen

The Great Kansas City power FAIL 2017 goes all the way to the top and this bit of perspective was very much appreciated . . .

"Their service keeps deteriorating. Ours was off 16 hours longer than it should have been because the maps they give to the crews are wrong."

And so, the working people on the ground and in the trees aren't to blame for this massive Summer storm cluster but rather the suits who keep on asking for tax and regulatory breaks while FAILING to even provide their own company the support they need.

The song of the day is: I've Got The Power - SNAP

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Anonymous said...

Reference? We all know KCP&L is a rip-off monopoly, poorly managed, and nothing but a cash cow for the execs and shareholders, BUT, is there a reference? It's time to do more than assume, let the proof be the truth and show their customers just what kind of mess this company is.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to boycott!

Retro ROCKER said...

One Large solar storm will take us back to the 1800s,I'm a cowboy on a real horse I ride,

Anonymous said...

Time to put Goldman Sucks in charge!

Who should Tony hear from said...

Cindy Circo

Super Dave said...

KCPL Can't stand to pay their rates
But can't stand to be with out them either.

Anonymous said...

The blame doesn't lie with te suits either. They are in business to make a buck and grasp where their loyalty lies. the real crooks are the local yokel politicians who grant monopolies for franchise fees and the public utilities commission that is supposed to protect consumer interests while they really bend them over for the perks they get from the Utilities.

Anonymous said...

and, and,

how many times this year 2017 has customers LOST POWER ??

this is like the 2nd or 3rd time this year in 2017, they've lost power during normal storms.

Some areas of KCMO lose power constantly, even when a bird flies over and shits,,,, FACT !!!

Now lets go back to the 1980's & 1990's era,,,

seems KC was able to weather many storms some quite severe without thousands constantly losing power for days,,,,

wonder why that is ???????????

TODAY in 2017,, the littlest slightest storm comes and thousands are losing power,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

FACT : KC residents NEVER EVER get "Pro-Rated" on their electric bills either, notice that - your still expected to PAY the Full Rate Charge even tho you may not have had POWER for 3 or 4 days !!!!!

KCP&L is getting by with it, thanks to the pay-offs to the Missouri Public Service Commission, supposed Consumer Watch Dogs, who've been bought off by KCP&L in recent years !!!!!!

So,, ya go to the gas station and PAY the clerk $20.00 for gas,,, but the PUMP STOPS at $10.00 dollars,,, you go in ask the clerk for the refund of $10.00 since you didn't get it,,,,

with KCP&L,, they KEEP the extra money and act like its expected for YOU to just give them FREE MONEY because ya know, their a BIG CORPORATE Corrupt entinity,,,

and if YOU don't play their corrupt game,,, they'll just shut your POWER OFF,,,,

that Game has been going on since 2010 ~ !!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Crazy Clown. This ain't so crazy. Great suggestion actually!

Anonymous said...

So guess who pays the bills if they decide to save us all and bury the electrical lines? Bend over....

Anonymous said...

Cindy who?
Who is she?
Can she help get service back on?

Grabbing at straws as our lights continue to be out!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Crazy Clown - Yep. Also, I would like to see your 1980's and 1990's material to support your argument. My gut feel is things changes in the mid to late 90's so I'm interested.

@9:15 - We need to scrutinize previous rate cases and what was supposedly included in maintenance. Paying for underground / proper cp may actually be the least painful path forward at this point.