Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday Link Pool

Holly & Lacy hotness inspires this quick look at all the important Kansas City mainstream media links for this Tuesday evening comprised mostly of car crashes and local guv propaganda. Dive right in . . .

Kansas City Highway Fire Redux

Flames erupted once again on Kansas City-area interstate

Flames erupted once again on a Kansas City-area interstate. It started exactly one week ago when a semi caught on fire at Interstate 435 and Quivira Road. Then later that day, a crash involving two semis and several cars killed five people near Bonner Springs.

Kansas City Crash Double Trouble

Woman involved in massive I-435 crash Monday says she was hit twice

A total of five vehicles were involved in that crash.

City Hall Exit Interview

In swan song, departing innovation official Kate Garman reflects on tenure with KCMO

Editor's note: Kate Garman is the KCMO innovation analyst but will be departing this week for a new opportunity in Seattle. She wrote the following piece reflecting on her time with the city. I've had a desk at Kansas City Hall now for three years.

Sound Of KCMO Summer Reflection
Summer Podcast Review; KC Podcast 'Iconoclast Of Things'
Police Want To Talk To These Beautiful Ladies Amid Investigation Of Ugly Crime Spree

OPPD asking for help to identify suspects in two beauty store theft cases

OPPD asking for help to identify suspects in two beauty store theft cases Authorities believed the same two women hit both the Overland Park location and the St. Joseph, Mo. location. The Overland Park Police Department is asking for help to identify two women suspected of stealing from two beauty stores in two separate cities.

Advice For The End Of The World

Where can I catch a glimpse of the 2017 total solar eclipse in Kansas, Missouri?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The eclipse is coming! Parts of Missouri and Kansas are in the direct path of the phenomenon, and it's causing quite a boom in tourism. Hotels along the route are already selling out as people gear up to watch the first eclipse to pass over the state of Missouri in 148 years.

Royals Fanboy Frustration Grows

Dayton Moore's last two offseasons have been a spectacular disaster

From 2013-2015, the Kansas City Royals were one of the best teams in the American League and averaged 90 wins a season. With many of the same core players since 2016, the Royals are averaging 81 wins per season. 81 wins certainly isn't terrible!

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

^^^ what about all those white serial killers?

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO -- Holly Peers and Lacy Banghard

After a brief oral demonstration, Holly quickly embraced the Banghard method of diction!!!

Anonymous said...

7:16 know who Terry Blair is? If not, look him up. Look up his wonderful family too. How about Marc Sappington? Look him up. A serial killer is defined as someone that has killed three or more people. How many serial killers are walking free the East side right now? At least 10? Now extrapolate to every large city in America. There must be dozens of black serial killers roaming free as you read this. Good try with that argument though. Maybe pick up some books and learn some pertinent information that can be used to formulate some form of a persuasive argument. You're going to have to do better than that. A rebuttal is just too easy. Look up crime stats committed by black people and you'll find that for only being 12% of our population they (you) commit an astonishing amount of crime.

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Please, please do not stop these "Ladies" from stealing Beauty Products!

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