Thursday, July 27, 2017


Tonight we take a peek at Gemma hotness and round-up all of the top Kansas City links this evening . . .

Kansas City Stylish Winning

Newsmaker: Baldwin Denim is 'a local Kansas City story gone global' - Kansas City Business Journal

Matt Baldwin's Leawood-based Baldwin Denim and Standard Style tap his passion for fashion and allow him to watch celebrities become brand ambassadors for his vision. Matt Baldwin's fascination with fashion started at a young age: In middle school, he regularly mowed the lawn of a neighbor who owned the "coolest men's store" in Wichita and traded his services for Ralph Lauren gear.

Celebrate More Tech Scene Hype

Report: Kansas City tech workforce is growing faster than most big cities

Techies around the nation have flocked to Kansas City at a rate faster than many major cities, including New York City, Chicago, San Diego and others according to a recent report. CBRE's annual Tech Talent Report found that between 2011 and 2016 Kansas City's tech workforce grew 39 percent, adding about 15,000 new tech staffers in the five-year window.

Over The Line In The Rain

Raytown man charged with DWI after fatal I-435 crash Wednesday

A Raytown, Mo. man has been charged with DWI in connection with Wednesday night's fatal 9 vehicle wreck on I-435. Terry M. Jones, 34, faces a Class B Felony DWI charge due to the wreck that resulted in the death of someone who was not in the vehicle he was driving.

Another Cowtown Party Crackdown

Party buses promise a good time, but some can be dangerous - even deadly

If you've spent any time enjoying Kansas City's nightlife, you've probably seen them: the colorful, customized buses carrying revelers to restaurants, bars and sporting events. A popular choice for bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays and other celebrations, party buses let riders enjoy a good time without the risks of drinking and driving.

Kansas City Cowtown Puddle Pix

Images of flash flooding in Kansas City

Torrential rains caused flash flooding early Thursday in Kansas City. The area along 103rd Street between Wornall and State Line roads was hard hit.

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Anonymous said...

When you start with a very small base it's easy to generate big big percentages of growth.
A company has one employee.
Then it hires a second.
It has experienced 100% growth.
Call the Wall Street Journal!

agentzero said...

Rubber stamp pap from the empty suit posers, notice how they cherry pick stats with no context

agentzero said...

Supposedly there is not one major new company presence in downtown in last 5 years, can't believe they weren't just drawn by mayor Bullhorn's streetcar pork fest

agentzero said...

What tourist sites between union station and plaza along main justify $150 million streetcar when better much cheaper options are coming for a fraction of the cost

agentzero said...

By cities own guides there is one, the bbq that is it, ha

agentzero said...

No disrespect to Gates which I love but they don't warrant a 200 million non transit transit expenditure

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO -- No Holes Barred

As Gemma perched on the edge of the sofa, I asked her to raise her right hand and pledge to reveal her innermost secrets!!!