Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Kansas City Morning Link Pool

Internets hottie CharMac makes the morning just a little better as we bring together some of the most important Kansas City mainstream media links. Take a look:

Kansas City Student Hand Up Needed
City Union Mission needs help providing clothes to students
Downtown Luxury Illuminated

Condo residents hope to make dark Western Auto sign bright again

The sign atop the historic Western Auto building has been dark for some time. Residents of the building, redeveloped into condos, want to light it up again. Video by Jill Toyoshiba, Monty Davis and Ian Cummings.

KC Needs Gift Of Life

With the need for blood and donors at a premium, metro banks see fewer of both

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Cathy Donahue is making her routine trip to the blood bank to ensure she continues to help those that will need it the most. "It's absolutely worth it if you know how important and how serious the need is in the community and how important the donation you make is to somebody else," Donahue said.

Greater JoCo Care

Olathe Police add second mental health responder to their ranks

The Olathe Police Department is expanding its mental health support program. On average they handle five calls per day. If a 911 call comes in to the Olathe Police, there's a fair chance mental health worker Kimberly Rowland answers it, too.

Another Home Team Win Streak

Royals extend streak to seven games with 3-1 win over Tigers | FOX Sports

DETROIT - Whit Merrifield homered on the first pitch of the game and the Kansas City Royals led the rest of the way, beating the Detroit Tigers 3-1 on Tuesday night for their seventh consecutive victory. Danny Duffy (7-6) pitched into the seventh inning for the Royals, who added two runs in the fourth to keep the pressure on in the AL Central race.

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Anonymous said...

Charlotte makes the world go round.

Anonymous said...

What is the acronym for City Union Mission?

Anonymous said...

Free dog fights and Andy Reid's house this weekend.

Anonymous said...

"City Union Mission needs help providing clothes to students"

NO! What is needed is a law that incarcerates these ghetto hoes for turning out bastard kids and thinking everyone else is responsible to pay for their upbringing. What is wrong with a country where men go to prison for not paying child support, but women are pandered for turning out these little bastards they have no chance of raising on their own?

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO -- Good Vibrations

At the sight of a big sea cucumber, CharMac gets tied in knots!!!

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@8:55Am-Kill yourself.

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I'd like to fuck CharMac. I bet she has a tight little cunt